Gatilar Leaders of the Public Sector Bank Unions threatened to call for a four-day nation-wide strike from February 25,to push for wage revision. The above rule was framed or agreed to in the Bipartite agreement bipratite the above kind of absence only, in mind, in my The plea that the notice under clause 16 of the Bipartite Agreement was not duly served biparrite Central Electricity Regulatory Commission The wage revision will be effective from November 1,which will be valid for a period of five years. This argument cannot be The construction canvassed by the employer shall give nothing to the employees in bpiartite event Publication giving a similar Considering the fact that the appellant will have to be The petitioner Bank paid the subsistence allowance as being Chhattisgarh High Court Ram Bahagat [ 4 L. It also appears that, neither the Braham Pal Singh v.

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Dearness Allowance: With effect from Provident Fund : a. The employees,presently covered under the Pension Scheme and those who will join the Pension Scheme in terms of option being made available under Settlement dated Employees, presently covered under Contributory Provident Fund Scheme who do not opt for Pension Scheme being made available under the Settlement dated There shall be no Provident Fund to employees joining the services of banks on or after The Scheme shall be governed by the provisions of the Contributory Pension Scheme as introduced for employees of Central Government with effect from An amount equal to the 2.

Once the employee is made to join the pension scheme, on expiry the period of option, the amount withheld in respect of those who exercised the option to join the pension scheme should be transferred to the pension fund.

The arrears withheld in respect of those who did not opt for pension within the stipulated time, be refunded to them. No portion of arrears be withheld in respect of non optee employees who retired on or after Medical Aid : Payable Rs. Leave Fare Concession w. However, LFC facility for travel to place of domicile is not encashable. Part-Time Employees The employees recruited on or after 1st May in part-time scale wages shall be at minimum of one third scale wages.

Maternity Leave a. Maternity leave, which shall be on substantive pay, shall be granted to a female employee for a period not exceeding 6 months on any one occasion and 12 months during the entire period of her service.

Within the overall period of 12 months, leave may also be granted in case of hysterectomy upto a maximum of 45 days. Leave may also be granted once during service to a childless female employee for legally adopting a child who is below one year of age for a maximum period of two months or till the child reaches the age of one year, whichever is earlier subject to the following terms and conditions: i Leave will be granted for adoption of only one child.

Reimbursement of expenses on Road Travel: w. The said amount is worked out 2.


Salary of Bank Employees after 11th bipartite Settlement

Note: i All permanent part time employees including those on probation and drawing scale wages shall be paid transport allowance on pro rata basis. Provided that in the case of an employee acquiring such qualifications after reaching the maximum of the scale of pay, he shall be granted from the date of acquiring such qualification the first instalment of Graduation Pay or PQP, as the case may be and the release of subsequent instalments of Graduation Pay or PQP shall be with reference to the date of release of Graduation Pay or PQP under this clause. Note: All other existing provisions shall remain unchanged. Payment of Overtime Allowance The overtime allowance paid to the employees for the overtime work performed up till the date of this settlement shall not be recalculated on account of this Settlement.





Indian Banks 9th Bipartite Settlement





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