Army-wide Hatred against everyone was just too much. Resolute removed. Relentless now allows Dwarfs to march 3x their M value. Dwarf-crafted special rule removed, did not make a lot of sense to begin with since the penalty for Stand and Fire is due to the enemy barring down on you at full speed, not because your weapon is superior.

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The Loop Games Do you like this video? Theirs is an endless greed that neither time nor wealth can ever abate. They committed blasphemy by turning away from the Ancestor Gods and practicing magic. Magic, I tell you! They are our greatest shame and they will be dealt with, in time.

Long separated from their fading kin of the west, the Chaos Dwarfs have given themselves over to their dark master, and Chaos has worked subtle changes on their bodies. Unlike other Dwarfs, the Chaos Dwarf are deeply learned in the sorcerous arts, and have become obsessed with the control of hellish forces and the fires of the deep earth, combining the dark lore they have gleaned with an artisanship and skill for metalwork and industry undimmed from their ancient past.

From their massive mile-spanning hell-factories deep within the Dark Lands, shielded by deadly mountain ranges and set amid desolations of industrial waste and the haunts of monstrous beasts, the empire of the Chaos Dwarfs has faded into legend to many in the Old World , but those forced to confront their implacable black-iron clad armies and savage war engines know the truth. The day may yet come when the armies of dread Zharr-Naggrund march forth once more, bringing their infernal warmachines to sow misery and mayhem to all four corners of the world.

The so-called Chaos Dwarfs are traitors. They betrayed our people and way of life. They moved along the high ridge of mountains known as the Worlds Edge Mountains , following the trail of mineral ores and precious gems.

The Dwarfs spread amongst the mountains, driven onwards by their lust for the secrets of rock and metal. Over a period of many hundreds of years they dug shafts and excavated cavernous underground cities, they sank mines deep into the mountain roots, and constructed tunnels which carried them further north.

Eventually, some time in the dim and distant past, the Dwarfs reached the upland region at the far north of the Worlds Edge Mountains which they called Zorn Uzkul or the Great Skull Land. Many turned back south to swell the growing numbers of Dwarfs in the Worlds Edge Mountains, others turned west into the cold lands of Norsca , but some of the most adventurous turned east and then south along the bleak Mountains of Mourn.

At first these widespread Dwarf kindred maintained contact with each other, but the eastern Dwarfs strayed far and when the Time of Chaos came the northern regions were cut off forever. The Dwarfs of the west believed their eastern kin dead, destroyed by the tides of Chaos that came from the north, but they were mistaken. Chaos did not kill the hardy Dwarfs, instead it worked a dreadful change upon them. The signs were there for all to see, and yet we ignored them.

Our blindness has led to the creation of an abomination in the east, one it would do well for us to end. The Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers now rule the rest of their people with absolute authority, for they are not only powerful mages, they are also the priesthood of Hashut. They are strange and tortured beings, greatly skilled at the blending of magic into their ingenious engineering, but cursed.

Dwarfs were never meant to wield the magic of Chaos and the price they pay is the Curse of Stone. The change starts with their feet, which turn grey and useless, before progressing throughout the rest of their body.

Many of them use their sorcerous engineering to construct new steam driven bodies for a time, but they too eventually succumb to the curse. Their immobile forms now line the road leading to the centre of their mighty empire, the Tower of Zharr-Naggrund , City of Fire and Desolation.

It is the labour of generations of slaves, surrounded by mountainous piles of displaced rock from the mines that gouge the landscape surrounding the tower and slag from the countless forges of the Chaos Dwarfs. At the apex of the tower sits a vast temple dedicated to Hashut, which is watched over by the fierce Bull Centaurs. Bull Centaurs long ago mutated from Chaos Dwarfs, doubtless after Hashut had an influence on the race.

They have the lower bodies of bulls and the upper bodies of heavily muscled but fanged Chaos Dwarfs. They are fearless and terrible, reveling only in the spilling of blood and glorifying the Father of Darkness.

From then on, the Chaos Dwarf Empire continues to grow stronger and stronger for centuries. Fueled by slaves, the Chaos Dwarfs were masters of their own dark, twisted world until the day came when the slaves rose up in rebellion and nearly spelt the doom of all their kind. During that forgotten age, the Chaos Dwarfs grew wary of the constant animosity and infighting of their Greenskin slaves, and so sought a solution that will make them much more obedient towards their tyrannical masters.

With the aid of dark magic and the selection of the largest and strongest of their Greenskin slaves, they magically bred the first Black Orc into existence. The magical abilities of the Dwarf Sorcerors could never erase the strong sense of independence that all Orcs possess, and when the Greenskins rose up in rebellion, the great uprising that followed almost lead to the complete destruction of their entire empire, making it as far as the doors to the Temple of Hashut, the very dark heart of the Chaos Dwarf Empire.

However, in their hour of triumph, only the timely betrayal of their Hobgoblin allies spared the Dwarfs from their complete and total annihilation. It is true that their hardy constitutions resist the effects of the warping longer than Humans and Mutants are fairly rare among them.

However, those that fall go far indeed. Their Mutants often have skin that seems to be made of metal or stone. A number of them have the shape of centaurs, like the Centigors that run with the Beastmen hordes, only they have bodies that resemble stunted bulls. Several times, I was told my head would be parted from my shoulders if I ever brought up the subject again, which leads me to believe that there must be more to the story.

It is a shame really, their taciturn nature prevents them from employing my expertise to their advantage. Apart from their long tusks they display few of the mutations that Chaos brings. Some develop bull-like features, even cloven hooves and occasionally horns. These mutations are rarely seen amongst Chaos Dwarf Warriors ; it is Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers who are most likely to show the effects of magic. They are the masters of their race, directing the labours of the slaves and the conquests of the armies.

The iron statue of Hashut is wrought in the form of a gigantic bull which glows red hot with the heat of the burning furnace within its metal belly. The Chaos Dwarfs sacrifice captives to their god by throwing them into cauldrons of molten iron or tossing them into roaring furnaces. The traditional Dwarf values of stubborn determination, craftsmanship and industry have been twisted into a perverted mockery in the hearts of the Chaos Dwarfs.

They became pitiless, macabre and cold-hearted creatures, devoid of mercy and consumed by a need to enslave and dominate everyone and everything they come into contact with, and from this need grew their empire.

Year upon year, decade upon decade and then century upon century, with malevolent intent and monstrous patience the dominion of the Chaos Dwarfs has slowly grown. Down the centuries, their culture became as corrupted as their minds at every level, from their language and rune-craft, to the structure of their clans-and their worship -- all tainted by Chaos and poisoned by malice, but they are still uniquely Dwarfen in many respects; loyalty, grudge and kinship stand as solid as iron, but mercy and weakness are intolerable flaws to be contemptuously destroyed.

Instead, they are consumed with a grim, cold cruelty and calculated brutality. Where was Valaya when our children sickened?

When we called out for aid in the deep places where we delved, it was not Grungni who answered our call, but mighty Hashut who delivered us in our time of need.

Who are the real traitors here? Our kin who abandoned us to madness and death or we who only sought to survive against the forces of Chaos? One day there will be a reckoning and it will be the Sons of the Father of Darkness who will have the victory, not the weak willed spawn of the pathetic Ancestor Gods. Instead, the delegations and running of their dark empire is usually run by a cadre of the High Priests of Hashut.

Their lore is deep and ancient, the study of machines and magic combined to produce arcane engines of power and destruction. They are few in number, probably no more than a few hundred amongst the whole Chaos Dwarf race. In the Temple of Hashut the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers meet in a great conclave of evil to make their plans of domination. There is no leader nor formal hierarchy amongst them, but the strongest voice belongs to the oldest and most powerful, for Chaos Dwarfs respect age and knowledge just as much as other Dwarfs.

Each Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer controls part of the city, with its workshops and forges, slaves and warriors, as part of his personal dominion.

But protestations aside, rumours of the great foundries in the Dark Lands, of horrid Bull Centaurs, of great cauldrons filled with molten metal hungrily devouring sacrifices to some blasphemous Dark God ring all too true to be the result of idle speculation. For many miles around it, the Plain of Zharr has succumbed to-the hand of the Chaos Dwarfs.

It is littered with the scars of vast open mines, fiery rivers of magma, ash dunes and stagnant pools of foaming yellow and blood red - noxious with toxic spoil and fortified workings and watch posts which line the great machine-crushed roads upon which countless slaves haul ore and plunder to feed the ever hungry city of the Chaos Dwarfs. At the edges of the Dark Lands, the outposts and black iron watch-towers of the Chaos Dwarfs extend as far the great Desolation of Azgorh and the coastline of the Sea of Dread to the south and High Pass to the north, while Mkulak - the Place of the Skull, seat of the ancient Dwarf hold before the Time of Chaos, is still populated but is a strange, secretive place, and the bustling workings of its slave-port and anchorage hide an ancient inner-city that is little more than a heavily garrisoned tomb.

The forbidden, lower levels of Uzkulak are shunned; even by its masters and to be consigned to its depths. You have done so for centuries. Had you not abandoned us, our vast family would never have been sundered. Thanks to your cowardice, we are strong and mighty, seeing the truths that have long been hidden from Dwarf eyes. Chaos Dwarfs wear armour made from metal scales bound together with flexible wire that makes a strong but pliable defence.

This armour is usually painted red. They wear extremely tall helmets which are as much a symbol of status as they are for protection. The most important Chaos Dwarfs wear especially large and elaborate helmets.

All Dwarfs have thick beards and Chaos Dwarfs curl their beards in exotic styles. This makes them look even more ferocious and draws attention to their long snaggly tusks. They forge swords, armour, and weapons. They ask only for slaves. We have many slaves. Chaos Dwarf warriors are themselves equipped to the highest standard and every Sorcerer Lord arts and outfits their soldiers to their own design: and in their own distinctive livery.

The majority of their troops are armed with masterfully crafted axes, vicious stabbing blades and barbed war-picks, and protected by heavy scale corselets of rune-hardened iron or bronze, tall helmets and heavy-metal shields. A significant number of troops are armed with firearms, from intricate Wheeh-lock pistols to the bratty, bladed fireglaive repeating guns. But the hailshot blunderbuss - a powerful, short-ranged weapon whose murderous fire is amplified when used in ranked fuselage - is the most common and iconic.

This last weapon was developed to combat the near-limitless Orc and Goblin hordes that abound in the lands around the Chaos Dwarfs domain and has become the terror of the greenskins in battle, able to mow down the Orc charge and slaughter scores of howling Goblins in a single, thunderous firestorm of lead.

Of course, our values would never have been compromised had it not been for the betrayal of the past. The Chaos Dwarfs consider all life other than that of their own kind to have value only as raw resource and fitting sacrifice, and to them the Muscle and sinew, and even the souls of those that bow and scrape at a gesture of their iron-shod hands and cringe before the stroke of their steel-barbed whips are no more than a commodity to be amassed, exploited and spent.

Without slaves Zharr-Naggrund would not have been built and its vast industries could not be maintained, and even now, the need for fresh-blood and labour only increases with each passing year and the desolate empire always hungers for more. But by far the most common slaves in the Chaos Dwarf realm are Orcs and Goblins, and this is not simply because they are native to the Dark Lands and its bordering mountains, but also because they are hardy creatures who will often last the longest in the noxious fumes and murderous conditions under which they are made to labour.

Of these, the Hobgoblins have a unique and favoured place — as much as a slave might be favoured by such cruel and callous masters.

Hated by the other greenskins who would happily murder them if they could, the Hobgoblins of the Dark Lands have come to rely on the Chaos Dwarfs for patronage and protection. While they are so treacherously eager to betray each other for advancement; they are quite incapable of fomenting any cohesive rebellion against their brutal masters as they cannot even trust each other, making them in some ways the perfect slaves.

As do Ogres, who are valued for their raw power but-always present a danger as their primitive, violent spirits can never be fully broken: Skaven are never taken alive unless to be worked almost immediately to death or used as paltry mass sacrifices, as they are simply too devious and the Chaos Dwarfs have learned from bitter experience that any group taken might well conceal untold spies, saboteurs and even deliberately infected plague-carriers placed in their midst.

But of all the races to fall into the hands of the masters of Zharr-Naggrund, the darkest fate awaits their kin, the Dwarfs of the West. The fruits of the bitter malice of long, brooding millennia are reserved for the Dwarfs, and of all sacrifices to Hashut, none are more favoured than those loyal to the treacherous Ancestor Gods that have abandoned them.

Now take all of those traits and shudder as you see them employed at the service of Chaos.



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