It is not simply the sum of six plus one, but it is a reminder of the seven layers of heaven. Tawaf, your sacrifice for people, is an eternal movement on the path of people! It is Hajj and NOT a pilgrimage. Where is this position? It was on this stone that he stood and laid the cornerstone of Kaaba Hajar-ul Aswad.

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The action is over and soon Hajj ends. In Mina! Surprisingly, in the neighborhood of Mecca! Why does Hajj end here instead of in Mecca and near the Kaaba? You must understand these mysteries of Hajj. You must be fully conscious of what you are doing in the midst of this crowd.

You must be able to think here - not in the corner of your private house or during your day dreaming! Hajj is a totality which encourages togetherness. It is a place to meet Allah, Ibrahim, Mohammed and people. A heterogeneous assembly is formed by people of various races, nationalities, languages, and systems; yet, this group is homogeneous in culture, faith, purpose and love! These are not chosen people, executives or a special class; they are from all types of ethnic backgrounds with different socio-economic levels.

To qualify for Hajj means to be able to go and do what we have said so far; it does not mean to be rich as is misunderstood. Hajj is not a tax on wealth; it is a duty just as prayer is. To qualify for it means to be able and wise enough to understand what you are doing just as any other duty.

With special problems common to all of them, the true representatives of different nations are gathered here. The Delay in Mena There is a two day stay over in Mina to think about your ideology and what you have done.

You must stay two more days or even three more days, if you can, in Mina. You are not supposed to leave Mina in these days - not even to return to Mecca! Why should more than a million people remain in this valley for two or three more days! This time allows them to think about Hajj and understand what they have done. They can discuss their problems with people from other parts of the world who have the same faith, love, needs and ideology. Muslims from all over are supposed to study the dangers and conspiracies of the super-powers and their agents who have infiltrated Muslim nations.

They should make resolutions to fight against brainwashing, propaganda, disunity, heresy, false religions They should offer a common and worldwide struggle to introduce Islamic facts and support the cause of freedom for colonized nations and those Muslim minorities who are under the torture of fascist regimes as well as prejudiced political groups.

Through a system of cooperation and understanding and an exchange of views and feelings, the Muslim communities would be strengthened in their struggle against their common enemy. A better understanding of true Islamic doctrine can be brought about by solving some of the theological differences that exist among Muslim religious groups! More than a million Muslims from all over the world remain three more days in Mina, the arid valley, where there is no place of interest to see, nothing to do, nowhere to shop and not even a park to walk in!

At this moment, through the training of Hajj, everyone is free from all dependencies and gains the strong will and personality of Ibrahim. Yes, at this time and in this land, more than a million Muslims do not end their Hajj to disperse and continue their individual lives.

Hajj is to come here on time and perform these actions with people. Otherwise, you may go to Miqat, from there to Mina, Arafat Mashar and Mina at any other time or without anyone else. That is not Hajj; it is a useless action or it may be considered a tour. This is the time that you are surrounded by a spiritual atmosphere tomorrow when everybody leaves, Mina is like any other land with the exception of being dry and uninhabitable. You are here to learn that without people, searching for heaven paradise is the ugly selfish attitude of a monk.

This greedy attitude postpones its gluttony and enjoyment to the hereafter. In other words, it is like a bourgeoisie who prefers credit to cash! A devotee is as selfish as a materialist; the latter chooses the technique as a tool while the former uses the faith!

A materialist uses science to enjoy his life and a devotee uses God for this purpose. Both are searching for the same goal, but one for the present and the other for the hereafter!

This is why you are asked to come during the Hajj season while everyone else is there. To come here alone is not considered a Hajj. Now at the end of this performance, all those who have defeated Satan as Ibrahim did, sacrifice their selfishness and celebrate their victory. Before returning to Mecca for a farewell, they have to fulfill two other duties - to establish a scientific and theological seminar where anyone may attend and to establish an international social convention.

The two extra days are to summarize the Hajj in these conventions. The conventions are not held behind locked doors and in illuminated halls but in the open air of this valley. They are not held in low ceiling rooms but under the blue sky where there are no walls, no doors, no barriers, no guards and no ceremonies!

These conventions are not assembled by heads of states or their representatives, diplomats or political leaders, members of parliament, cabinets, senators, university professors, scientists, intellectuals or spiritual leaders.

They will come from every deep ravine. As Aime Cesaire says, "No one has the right to be the guardian of others. After defeating Satan and returning from the place of sacrifice Allah requests everyone to attend this meeting to renew their promise w1th Ibrahim, to have God as their witness that they will do their best to strengthen the faith of monotheism, to destroy all existing idols in the world and to establish a peaceful and secure society.

Like the true followers of the prophet Mohammed PBUH who made conscious and intellectual people responsible for carrying his message, they are to establish an "exemplary society" based on monotheism and to support the cause of knowledge, leadership and justice in human life.

Mina is the land of love, struggle, and martyrdom. It is the land where people make their promises to God. As a united community they promise to participate in good deeds and to fight the evils of man s life. They promise to respond to the calls of the prophet Mohammed PBUH , the prophet who had the Holy Book in one hand and the sword in the other and to make the right decision in confronting "stubborn enemies" and dealing with friends.

In this yearly convention, assembled far from the borders of blood shedding countries, Muslims from all spheres of the world and different political systems are invited by the Guardian the King and the God of the people to gather under the sky of these mountains to have a free talk to help overcome their problems And a scientific convention, but not in the auditoriums of academicians, the assembly of university professors or the meeting of scientists and super-specialists.

No, rather it is a two-day theological and ideological seminar where every literate or illiterate, professor or factory worker, famous spiritual leader or simple farmer can participate and has the right to speak openly. All ranks, positions degrees and colors are left behind in Miqat.

That is all! Just sit down and think about what you have done during Hajj! Summary Let us sum up what these codes are. We must realize the essence of what was done during Hajj. Sufism : Starts in Mina and remains there forever without going through Arafat and Mashar. Philosophy : Comes to Mashar but does not reach Mina. Civilization : Remains in Arafat not going to Mashar and Mina.

Islam : Starts from Arafat and goes to Mashar a passage full of responsibility and movement , reaches Mina the stage of ideals and love, and surprisingly meets with Allah and Satan! Here they are talking about "you" and your fate and not about worldly matters.

To God belongs whatever exists in this world. Here they are talking about "man" in whom Allah and Satan exist together. This duality is within man and not in nature. Mina is the land of love, faith and future. It is there where Allah and Satan are struggling within you for your Ismail. Mina is the land of all your hopes and needs. It does not care about its blood relations or homeland, but about its faith and freedom.

They free themselves not only from the Pharaoh, but their Ismail too and not only their enemies, but their relatives too! Conquest Attacks After the Eid Day During your first attack on the first day, you shoot the last idol and open the way to the place of sacrifice. Then you take off your Ihram and happily celebrate your victory! On the second day you must shoot again, but shoot the three of them. This time you take turns to shoot the first idol, then the second one and finally the last one.

Your third day is a repetition of what you did on the second day. The fourth day you may stay in Mina or leave. If you decide to stay, you must repeat the shooting of the second or third day. If you decide not to stay on the fourth day, you must bury the remainder of your arms somewhere underground in Mina! This is a MUST! What do they mean? Why do you have to continue fighting? There is a lesson for you - do not forget that Satan may survive even after it was defeated!

Every "revolution", no matter how successful it is, is always in danger of "counter-revolution". Numb snakes may wake up and change their colors while you are happy with victory, proud of power or busy with celebration! They may pretend to be your friends in order to join you and destroy the movement from within and take over the fruits of your revolution.

Victory should not cause you to relax! So, when you have overcome Mina, do not let your hands off your arms. He was defeated "outside of you" but he may wake up inside of you". He was knocked down in war, but he may gain power in peace! What am I saying? He may be rejected as an unbeliever but will return to you as a man of strong faith! He may be rejected as a polytheist and he will present himself as a monotheist You may bury him in an idol-house, but he may show up at the altar You may kill him in Badr1, but he may be resurrected in Karbala?

He may be wounded in the Battle of the Trench in Medina and then re-occur in the mosque of Koufa.


Hajj (The Pilgrimage)

The action is over and soon Hajj ends. In Mina! Surprisingly, in the neighborhood of Mecca! Why does Hajj end here instead of in Mecca and near the Kaaba? You must understand these mysteries of Hajj. You must be fully conscious of what you are doing in the midst of this crowd.


Ali Shariati

At the same time, he was exposed to many aspects of Western philosophical and political thought. He attempted to explain and offer solutions for the problems faced by Muslim societies through traditional Islamic principles interwoven with, and understood from, the point of view of modern sociology and philosophy. His articles from this period for the Mashhad daily newspaper, Khorasan, display his developing eclecticism and acquaintance with the ideas of modernist thinkers such as Jamal al-Din al-Afghani , Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal of Pakistan, among Muslims, and Sigmund Freud and Alexis Carrel. In , he was arrested again by the Iranian police, along with sixteen other members of the National Resistance Movement. Shariati then managed to get a scholarship for France, where he continued his graduate studies at University of Paris. He left Paris after earning a PhD in sociology in The following year, he began to read Frantz Fanon and translated an anthology of his work into Persian.

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