Minos The way this function cknvert is that you need to give it an array and of course the second param is a date. Turn disparate, multi-format assets into one standardized document with a consistent look and feel. All versions of K2, except for K2 4. You would have to build that logic within the workflow, and set your conditional start within the workflow to wait 1 month. PowerToolz for K2 increases efficiency of administering and testing K2 applications.

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It basically takes a screenshot of the web page, and saves that as a PDF file. I most commonly use this to generate a PDF file automatically within the workflow, and attach this file into the email content.

In this post, you will learn how to: generate and retrieve the PDF make your PDF printer-friendly How to do it: There are 2 ways of doing this: My most commonly used way is by calling a out-of-the-box SmartObject to generate the PDF; otherwise you could also use a SmartForm control if you want to generate the PDF file within the form itself. In the method input field, input the relevant values. So you do have to convert the string to int first.

Modify the properties as necessary. Optional: you can enter the file name now, or input it later during rule execution. Given so, you can create a more printer-friendly page by selecting a plain white theme, such as the SharePoint theme. Fill up the input fields as necessary. For the output mapping, make sure to save the ID somewhere. Making it printer friendly: When you intend to generate a PDF based on a web page screenshot, you have to consider the readability of this PDF file, especially if you want this to be printer friendly.

Is the color theme appropriate for printers? You could consider changing the theme to a more printer friendly and less colorful theme, like the SharePoint theme.

Are there controls that are unnecessary in my PDF page, like dropdown controls? And are there other things I would like to add into my printer-friendly page, such as a barcode?

Do you have images and list view rows that can potentially be cut into 2 pages?


Using PDF Converter in combination with K2 workflows

Before Upgrading Please be aware of the following considerations before you start: A new license key is required on upgrade. You can get a new license key from the K2 Partner and Customer Portal to have it ready when the installer requests the key. Unattended Installer: New variables are present in the installer, so you must regenerate any unattended installation files with the new installer before you can use the XML file for other K2 Five installations. Once upgraded, you must recreate those packages.


Upgrading to K2 Five

Zolot Pay now Pay now. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Automatically merge multiple documents triggered by a workflow process into a PDF file and format the document per applicable industry, government, or corporate standards; then pass it back into K2 blackpearl workflow faster than you can read this sentence! When you intend to generate a PDF based on a web blakpearl screenshot, you have to consider the blackpeark of this PDF file, especially if you want this to be printer friendly. Customer Comments Bytezoom recently evaluated K2 Testing tools for one of our clients, a publicly traded pharmaceutical company. Save time and resources by automating the rebuild of what can be converted. Now, if you really have to use the dates in those datafields, you will first need to convert those 2 datetime into an array of datetime.

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