Shaktizil The difference here is significant. Padmarajan was the founder of a new school of film making in Malayalam cinema, along with Bharathan and K. Malayalam actor Krishnaprasad enacted the protagonist in this film. This is a novel which looks at the teenage mind and its guilt towards crime and its aftermath. Their son Jothydev Mmalayalam is a diabetologist and a pioneer in telemedicine in diabetes care. His novels and short stories encompass the emotional issues related to mass culture, sexual politics, fate of the marginalised and institutionalised religions.

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T Vasudevan Nair. My failure to do justice to the work is accepted and would request others also to excuse me, if anything is wrong in the content below. Before getting into the novel, need to mention that Nalukettu does not mean stone courtyard as some translations suggest.

Nalukettu refers to the traditional carpentry construction style where the wooden roof truss of tile thatched buildings are joined at their 4 vertices of a square structure. The join is done without the use of any bonding agent. The style of construction was widely prevalent in Kerala, till wood became a precious commodity and security of the large open courtyard in the middle started posing threats of security.

Appunni, the protagonist, lives through his childhood, teenage and being a successful man. Whilst there are so many aspects about the novel that would strike each reader, the phases of life Appunni goes through and the way the reader is taken through him coming to age and understanding the world and life is the underlying current that runs strong through out the length of the story.

The story also gives a great view into the socio economic conditions and dominant nature of the family heads at the time. Reading the story from another era, another generation is a look back at how much the same society has evolved. The same issues at that era no longer exist, but we have different, more complex social issues that has taken their place with improved socio economic and civic conditions.

The basic premise of a joint family itself has got almost wiped out of the state. He was considered a rebel by the ultra orthodox community and his acts of mingling with people of different castes without any respect to the prevalent restrictions. They married against the wish of her family and hence was considered not part of the family any more.

That would mean, Appunni also to be no longer part of the larger family. Portrayal of how much ego and false prestige ruled over humanitarian values even when it was closest family in question. Appunni was good in studies and would start going to high school. This provokes him to leave the home and go to the Tharavadu, where the head of the family Valiammama once kicked him out during a family event.

Despite the inhuman treatment, he sticks on there and continues his education amidst the hardships. He earned scholarships more than enough to cover his education and expenses.

All these days, his grudge towards his mother who has gone to live with another man keeps growing. During this phase, the family itself goes through lot of unrest and demands of division of wealth. Uninterested and fed up of everything, he continues to focus on clearing the 10th standard, so that he can earn a job and get out from there. He faced difficulty in paying the exam fees of 15 rupees. Finally his close friend, Mohammed arranges the amount.

Furious, but he had no choice, but to accept it. Clearing the exams in flying colours, Appunni is in the lookout for a job. Seythali asked him to come to Wayanad, where he can arrange a job for Appunni. He quickly packs up and leaves the bounds of his village. Appunni joins the tea estate and works his way up through 5 years to become a field surveyor.

Without any prior plans he goes back to his village, with lot of cash and unseen lifestyle for the villagers. The Tharavadu is in sad state of affairs and the building itself is mortgaged for loan. The then head of the family Valiyammama , who denounced Appunni all through his stay there had no much choice, but to beg to Appunni to help regain the Nalukettu, paying off the debt.

Appunni buys the house with lion share of his savings through all these years and brings back his Mother and Sankaran nair to stay there. He no more has the grudge. There are so many more characters and undercurrents that explains the time and nature of the age in which the events take place.


നാലുകെട്ട് | Naalukettu

His novels and short stories encompass the emotional issues related to mass culture, sexual politics, fate of the marginalised and institutionalised religions. The story revolves around a teenager who falls in love with a woman older than he is. Krishnan Nair author M. Background The title Indulekha, refers to the prodigy in this novel, a beautiful, well educated Nair lady of 20 or 22 years.

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The hero Appunni is a scion of a once rich and powerful family. Appunni is the son of a woman who married a man of her own choices and who did not marry the man whom her Karnavar suggested. So she has to leave the family with her son and Appunni grows up without a father and away from the prestige and protection of the matrilineal home to which he belongs. The novel captures the traumas and psychological graph of Appunni, an introvert and angry youth, aspiring to avenge the insult meted out to him in a matrilineal family by building a new edifice on the ruins of his ancestral home. Kunhikrishnan comments: "Naalukettu was significant in that it fascinatingly portrayed the degeneration of the matrilineal system of joint families tharawad , where large numbers of relatives lived together. The decline and collapse of the system resulted in nuclear families and consequential social, traditional and economic changes.


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