I suppose I should have expected a Christian author to write a biased book about other religions, but part of me hoped that it would be a more honest summary of them. This author takes a very hateful view of every belief that is non-evangelical Christian. He condemns all people who do not hold his Protestant, evangelical conservative point of view. Ridenour also condemns good works and moral living as a means of achieving salvation.

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In a straightforward, noncritical comparison, Ridenour explores the basic tenets of twenty worldviews, religions, and faiths. Especially helpful are the charts included for each religion which lay out the main things the religion believes about Jesus, the resurrection, salvation, etc. It covers many of the ways other religions intersect or blatantly disagree with Evangelical Christianity, but it leaves out everything about the religions that do not have something to do with their relation to Evangelicalism.

So this book is definitely helpful to gain a little bit of knowledge on a wide range, but much more research would be required in order to be able to have a full understanding of the main world religions. I always wondered the answer to the question this book approaches. Ridenour does a fantastic job of explaining these differences from a clearly Christian perspective.

He starts with a clear identification of the Baseline for comparison that is Protestant Christianity. He then proceeds to distinguish that baseline from Catholism, then on to other major world religions. I think every high school student should read this book before college.

If this spurs your interest, and you really want to know more about other religions, read the writings that are central to those religions. See for yourself what they say about themselves. What do you expect By J.

Non-Christians complain that the book is biased and the author actually had the nerve to believe that his faith is correct. What did you expect? Muslims believe you only get to heaven by being Muslim, Catholics believe you need the Cahtolic sacraments, and hundreds of other religions believe they are correct in their beliefs. It seems only Christian claims to exclusive knowledge are unacceptable to these people though.

The problem is not the book in these cases. The problem is that many readers believe any book that does not present the world view they prefer is poorly written and the writer should have consulted them before writing his ideas on paper. These commenters are the ones who are narrow minded.

Then there are those who claim the book is intolerant. Nowhere in the book does the author preach intolerance of other religions. He simply states what he believes and presents the evidence for those beliefs in comparison to other religions. Practice what you preach. Tolerance is a two way street. Excellent Overview By Christian J. Fobian on Nov 07, Yes, those who read this book and are not Christians probably will take offence at it, as it points out many reasons that Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal salvation.

The book talks about the belief of many different religions and has compiled a unique overview of the differences of why Christianity is true, Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal salvation, and the reality of what other religions believe. I highly recommend this book for others who are searching, studying, or have questions about their belief. Just as it says By Janet L. Sclar on Dec 29, I read this book back in the s in high school Sunday school and am now back to buy a copy for someone else who needs to know exactly what the description says, "The aim of this book is to compare orthodox Biblical Christianity with other faiths in order to help Christians better understand their own beliefs.

This is a book written by a Christian for Christians those who follow Jesus as God and are saved alone by His death and resurrection. Jesus Himself said the way is narrow. You are free to hate every word that this author, the Bible, and Jesus say about the narrow way, that you must come to God through Himself Jesus , that He is God, that Jesus will save us from our sins, etc.

Fortunately we still live in a society where we are free to disagree on these issues, but we can never forget that being tolerant is a two-way street and it is paved with love. We each have an opportunity to decide for ourselves after studying and praying through all materials available. I highly recommend this book for Christians who want to know how other beliefs compare to our own, and also for those tolerant enough of Christians and want to know what we believe are the most important truths to our relationship with God.

Very informative By Jay A. Mcpheron on Oct 08, If you want to understand the differences between Christianity and most other religions you must read this book. I wish in some chapters it gave more detail but it provides references for more information. So What is the difference? Buzek on Nov 18, If you are looking for a basic comparison of biblical Christianity and 12 different religions and worldviews, this is a great book.

I have used it with the ladies bible study that I teach. We found the information so interesting. Since the book is only 12 chapters, there is basic information about the key issues when comparing religions Who is God?

Who is Jesus Christ? View of the bible We had many chapters that caused us to question that religions views and wishing that the chapters were longer. I agree A Great Witnessing Tool! By Tawni Coronado on May 05, I used this book when I was in highschool to witness to my now husband of 13 years who was a Catholic at the time. He wanted to know the differences between our faiths.

It helped him come to the decision that he needed to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Someone who is not opened to believing in Jesus Christ as the Son of God may have a hard time accepting the truths in this book. It is a great witnessing tool for the Christian to have available in their own libraries to give to individuals who are on the verge of believing. I highly recommend it. This was one of the first books that I read on Comparative Religions from a Christian perspective and it helped me immensely as a new Christian.

It has been updated, but the theme remains the same: Christianity alone offers the full religious truth, redemption, and an eternal atonement; no one compares to Jesus Christ as Messiah and Savior. SWTD is a fine introductory book for those who want to gain knowledge about the origin and teachings of most of the major religions in a clear way but with theologically and philosophically leaness. Please note: Ridenour is a Christian and proceeds with his analysis from that religious pre-commitment.

Kapp on Mar 03, This is a great book for getting a very general idea of a few of the major religions of the world. It is written from a Christian perspective so if that offends you, you may want to look elsewhere. It is great if you just want a basic over-view though. This is a great jumping off book. I recommend this book because it will help Christians to understand the importance of their Faith.

Also this book will help one to recognize False Teaching, It is important to know What you believe and Why. Fair content, but light. By Tanner on Apr 24, I thought it was a pretty light look at how various religions compare to Christianity.

As a Christian and Bible student, I did not agree with his interpretation of a scriptural Christian in all respects. This was not a bad book for a Christian Bible study.

It is interesting and gives you good info on beginnings and practices By First Christian Church on Mar 07, It is interesting and gives you good info on beginnings and practices. It was published in originally, with some updates through There have been several occurrences in recent years for the major religions which are therefore not included.

By Amazon Customer on Dec 04, Maybe I was expecting too much but there also was not enough depth of information on any of the religious groups that were discussed. I work with people from a wide range of religious backgrounds and was hoping to gain more insight by reading this book but it did not help me at all.

A great book to understand the differences in different religious beliefs. Great as an introduction for those entering into counter cult ministries or just for the every day believer to brush up on their knowledge and form effective counter arguments.

I would recommend this resource. A bit superficial, but good for beginners. This is for beginners who literally know nothing about other religions. Not to much information, but gives a solid amount of relevant and important key facts.

It would be good for a high school student to get a bigger perspective, and adults who have had their heads in the sand when it comes to religion. Four Stars By William A. Baldwin on Oct 03, Have a copy of the first edition and prefer it to this version because of the illustrations. Explains without bashing By Kait on Jun 13, This book is a fantastic resource.

If you want to learn even more than this book communicates, I recommend reading the Koran, and book of Mormon as well. I am sure there are other religious books. It has always amazed me how people who label themselves as a certain faith really do not fully understand their own foundational beliefs. Who knows? After reading this book, you may know more about other religions than the people who claim those religions as their own. This particular edition is in a Paperback format.

It was published by Bethany House Publishers and has a total of pages in the book. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here. Similar Books.


So What's the Difference? : How the World's Faiths Compare to Christianity



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