Shri Subrahmanya Bhujangam When he meditated upon shrI subrahmaNya, he became aware of the self luminous light shining in his heart and words came out his mouth in extempore in bhujanga metre. It is also said that AchArya then actually saw the AdisheSha worshipping the Lord and adopted the bhujanga metre. Major portion of the translation provided here is adopted from, Iyer, Ganesa M. Though he is elephant--faced, he is honored even by his five--faced father Shiva sadyaojAtam, vAmadevam, aghoram, tatpuruSham and IshAnam. Lord Brahma, Indra and the other Devas seek him to fulfil their aspirations.

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He is sought after by gods, such as Brahma and Indra. May the benevolent Lord known by the name Ganesha bless me with wealth. Neither prose nor poetry. Yet when the One Intelligence glows in my heart, with his six shining faces, words cascade from my mouth so effortlessly. His body captivates our minds with its beauty.

He is resident in the mighty souled men. I serve the guardian of the worlds, the deity of brahmins, object of Vedas and the dear son of Mahadeva. I praise this sacred Son of the Divine Mother. May I ever meditate on him in the core of my heart. Seated on the Gandhamadana mountain, he declares that those who have climbed to his hill shrines, have scaled the silver hills, the Kailas, as well.

I contemplate on this Karttikeya, the lord of the celestials. Here is my obeisance. They subdue enemies, take care of the worlds, and chastise arrogant Brahma. Even if a particle of that glance falls on me, I am blessed. And pray tell me, what do you lose? You have sprung out of me. May you live long. O Lord of the Universe! Your crowned heads bear the burden of the worlds. Obeisance to you! A necklace of emerald and gold adorns his neck.

His cheeks glitter with the dazzling ear rings. Apparelled in yellow silken cloth, He stands holding a shining spear. My obeisance to that loving babe. Son of Lord Siva! O Indweller! Commander of celestial hordes! O wielder of lance and mounted on peacock!

O Foe of the Titan Taraka! Be Thou my solace. Stand fast by me. I will not be able to vocalise my plight then. Do not tarry even a second. You destroyed Taraka and Simhavaktra. What can I do and where can 1 go? You are the saviour of the afflicted. I ask none else. My grief comes in the way of my devotion.

O Son of Uma! Dispel this gloom that gnaws at my heart. May my ears hear your fabled fame. May my tongue ever utter your purifying names. May my hands do your deeds, and may my body be engaged in your service. Thus dedicated, may all my thoughts ever merge in Thee. But I know of no other deity who blesses even the lowliest outcaste. My wife, my children, kinsmen, chattel, servitors, my household, whatever is mine, let them endear themselves to you.

May they hold Thee ever in remembrance. Do not parents forgive their erring sons? You are the father of the universe, lama mere child. Forgive all trespasses. Adoration to Thee. O Lord Skanda, again and again. Hail O Shoreless Beyond!

O Lord of undented fame! Hail O Form of Delight! Victory to Thee, O Ocean ofjoy! O Kinsman of all! May you be ever victorious, O Saviour and Son of Siva! In the end he will be united with Skanda.


ஸப்ரஹுமண்ய புஜங்கம்

In the concentrated meditation of His divine form the heart of the great Sankaracharya took flood and over the flood of his piety the Bhujanga Stotra floated forth in verse. The very beginning connotes the psychology of its birth. The Lord entered His heart, verses flowed. The Acharya knew not. It is the high road that connects the human mind with the divine ecstasy.


Sri Subrahmanya Bhujangam



Sri Subrahmanya Ashtakam – శ్రీ సుబ్రహ్మణ్యాష్టకం



Subramanya Bhujangam - In sanskrit with meaning


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