I submit to no one. I chose them. The largest forge world of the Adeptus Mechanicus is its homeworld Mars , on which the most badass weapons ever known to man are made, most of which they refuse to share. Despite being part of the Imperium, the AdMech was actually its own nation and a respectable superpower in its own right throughout the Great Crusade and largely is to this day. They still secured quasi-independence and private property rights though, courtesy of marching an Imperator titan into the senate chamber and holding them at building-sized gunpoint. They are simply so rich and powerful, and have totally privatized the production and manufacturing of technology for themselves, that they can basically buy the government and its politicians.

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Alternatively, because you want to play a bunch of greedy hoarders that make the Blood Ravens seem positively philanthropic in comparison. Finally, Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus combined into a single faction! The Omnissiah has heard our prayers!

Some of the best Heavy Support choices in the game, Yup, all three of them. Incredibly durable since All HQs can repair even Knights! Multiple wounds on many models. The Shroudpsalm canticle grants army-wide cover in the open. Even Skitarii! Useful HQs that can actually do stuff at range instead of merely standing around Dominus or are extremely cheap and useful to three factions Enginseers. Amazing guns: Cancer carbines, 60" Antitank snipers, Plasma and Grav out of the ass. Brigades and multiple Battalions will have both enough dakka and CP instead of sacrificing one for the other.

Strong Forge World Dogmas and flexible Stratagems. An abundance of buffs all in all. Doctrinas are back! Our models have gotten cheaper from 7th, and 8th has seen TWO point reductions on commonly used units. We have stratagems and repair possibilities too! Wonderful models, with the arguable exceptions of Corpuscarii Electro-Priests and perhaps Kastelans.

We have the cheapest Imperium Battalion at points 2 Enginseers and 3 5-man Ranger squads. Your minimal brigade costs pts which is not half bad considering that most of the things in it are actually useful. A bit meta, but Admech gets at a fair amount of love from GW in terms of new models and rules updates. Some notable parts being AP4 Galvanic Rifles? Infiltrators crippling enemies with their mere presence?

Oh no, not that No more Dunecrawler squadrons. No squadrons at all in fact. Combined with the rule of 3 and we have a distinct lack of vehicles on the table compared to the likes of Imperial Guard. RIP Cyraxus. You know all those cool cyborg warriors from Visions of Heresy and such? None of them are here, not without a lot of greenstuff and imagination. We have anti-air Icarus array but our air support STC is taking longer to decipher than anticipated.

Make do with Ballistari. No pyskers and no direct defense against them unless you run the Graia forge world.

Ring in the Inquisition Combined with your lack of transports means that units with good invulnerable saves need to be kept FAR away. Corpuscarii Electro-Priests look like ass. With cogs. And sausage fingers Despite the invulns and FnP, etc. Crummy Leadership means you often take minimum squads to prevent losses from Morale tests. You can still reach marine-tier leadership using cheap upgrades and models you were still going to bring, though.

For example, we only have two Fast Attack both from the same box and three Heavy Support choices. Also notably Oddly enough, you will struggle with heavy armored lists at medium to long ranges. Neutron Lasers are good, but how many of them can you field? If your opponent is spamming leman russes and baneblade s , you have a problem.

Ryza Plasma Destroyers in a Servitor Maniple. For 2 CP per shooting phase, they have a slightly lower average damage output than a demolisher cannon Kataphrons, Ruststalkers, electro-priests, datasmith, ironstriders, disintegrator, and the manipulus are Half are outright useless and half are potentially powerful but Eldar specific in role.

Units like Cawl are useful but a bit expensive or restrictive. Warlord traits and relics tend to be pretty hit or miss. TL;DR: the rules of three really hurt the Mechanicus. These negatives together mean that you have to bring in Imperial allies to stay competitive. Psykers, aircraft, and cheap spammable fire support like lascannons benefit this army a lot. Special Rules[ edit ] Canticles of the Omnissiah[ edit ] Once per turn, you can activate one of the Canticles of the Omnissiah. One use per canticle, or roll a D6 to get a random one and possibly re-use one.

Putting allies in another detachment is fine, though. What is really good about Canticles now is that you are choosing them at the "start of each battle round", not on your turn. That means you can declare Shroudpsalm on turn 1 even if your opponent is going first.

Litany of the Electromancer: Also known as the Zap Rap. It will help you hand out Mortal Wounds, but all things considered, this is one of the least useful Canticles. Most useful against tough to budge MSU units such as Marine Combat Squads and IG Infantry Squads if you can engage enough units because lots of units to hit and units that are expensive per wound like deathcult, aspect warriors, terminators, and lychguard because every wound hurts.

The effect is resolved as soon as its chosen and does not apply again during the rest of the round. Chant of the Remorseless Fist: Re-roll 1s in the fight phase.

Use it the turn when your Electro-Priests, Sicarians, and Dragoons make it into combat. It is especially beneficial to the latter two due to their taser weapons. Combine with the Conqueror Doctrina Imperative to more than double damage output on a large alpha strike unit.

Rangers go from wounding Guardsmen Shroudpsalm: Grants Army-wide cover, one of the best canticles. So, kind of at the same time than Shroudpsalm, meaning you could use it to save CP.

The best thing is that you can save it for when your taser bois make contact with the enemy. Benediction of the Omnissiah: One of the best ones, even if it is a bit redundant. It allows you to re-roll 1s in the shooting phase. While Domini already gives this to you and Cawl even better , it still helps your far away units, like Ballistarii, deepstrikers or people in the new transports, so it is useful. Warlord Traits[ edit ] Monitor Malevolus: Once per battle, you can re-roll a single hit roll, wound roll, or damage roll made for your warlord.

In addition, if your army is battle-forged, roll a d6 each time you or your opponent uses a stratagem. The free reroll is still worth a CP on its own, though. Magos Biologis: You can re-roll failed wound rolls when attacking enemy infantry, beast, or monster units with your warlord. Good for a Dominus with relics that meets the enemy instead of being support.

For dedicated melee, the Primer Hermeticon might serve you better. Mechadominator: Your opponent must subtract 1 from hit rolls they make for any of their vehicles that target your warlord. A You have Onagers with Neutron Lasers, why are enemy vehicles still alive? Necromechanic: Each time your warlord uses an ability to repair a friendly model, that model regains 1 additional wound. Doubles your Knight-repair rate, which normally heal only 1 wound instead of the usual D3.

Chorister Technis: Whilst on the battlefield, you can re-roll one die whenever you randomly select which canticle you use. Notably, if the warlord is from Mars, he can only re-roll the first result. Prime Hermeticon: Infantry units within 6" can re-roll failed hit rolls in the fight phase.

This is the only way you can get anything useful out of Breachers in close combat. Also known as "a free VP". Score a VP if you control the objective corresponding to the number you roll, which is improved to d3 VP if your Warlord is controlling it.

You can change the Canticle to another either by picking or rolling. They can fight a second time this turn. Makes supercharged Plasma Culverins safe. Binharic Overide 1 CP : Use at the end of any phase to change the Kastelan battle protocols on one of your units. However, they are stuck in the new mode for the rest of the game. If your Fist Kastellans have already reached melee but their Datasmith was killed before changing to Conqueror Protocols, this will let them avenge him.

Archaeotech Specialist CP : This is the stratagem that lets you take extra relics.


Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Adeptus Mechanicus(8E)

Their tireless ranks defend the Forge Worlds of the Imperium, annihilate the enemies of the Tech-priests, and fight at the vanguard of the Quest for Knowledge. As the technocracy of the Cult Mechanicus extends its reach into the stars, the cybernetic Skitarii are always at the fore. Their manifold augmentation ensure not only their lethality, but also their utmost obedience. Neurosync implants allow the strictly-ordered Skitarii cohorts to fight in perfect concert, each maniple permanently uplinked to their masters via invisible streams of information. To compare a maniple of Skitarii to a platoon of Imperial Guardsmen is to compare a well-oiled gatling gun to a simple iron hammer.


Adeptus Mechanicus

Alternatively, because you want to play a bunch of greedy hoarders that make the Blood Ravens seem positively philanthropic in comparison. Finally, Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus combined into a single faction! The Omnissiah has heard our prayers! Some of the best Heavy Support choices in the game, Yup, all three of them.


Adeptus Mechanicus Codex Review

In ancient times, before the current Age of the Imperium officially began following the end of the Horus Heresy , the Adeptus Mechanicus was instead called the Mechanicum. The Adeptus Mechanicus was formally separated from the larger Mechanicum of Mars by order of the Council of Terra in This occurred after the Red Planet had fallen to the control of the Traitor faction of the Mechanicum loyal to the Warmaster Horus later called the " Dark Mechanicum. The Mechanicus essentially maintains an empire-within-an-empire in Imperial space, and its interests usually, but not always, coincide with those of the wider Imperium. Instead of the Imperial Creed , the servants of the Mechanicus follow their own dark and mysterious scriptures and worship the strange deity they call the Machine God or the " Omnissiah.

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