Grogar Channel converter equip- 6 ment to organize the spectrum according to our needs. This type of installation permits the maximum number of outlets at the expense of using more coaxial cable. Areas where reception is difficult, with large differences in level between channels. Characteristics ZP ZP Each module consists of a three-stage input filter, alcqd amplifier and an output filter which is three-stage, the filters are cavities.

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In the event of contact with skin or eyes, wash immediately with plenty of water. If eyes are affected, flush with water, and obtain immediate medical attention. Receiving the shipment Unpack the cells immediately upon arrival.

Do not overturn the package. Transport seals are located under the cover of the vent plug. Remove the plastic transport seals only before use.

The cells must never be charged with the transport seals in place as this can cause permanent damage. Do not store in direct sunlight or expose to excessive heat.

This ensures compliance with IEC section 4. The lid and the packing material on top of the cells must be removed. It should not be more than 20 mm below the maximum level mark upper. If this is not the case, adjust the level with distilled or deionized water.

Cells delivered filled have already the cell oil in place. In case of spillage of electrolyte during the transport, the cells have to be topped-up with E22 electrolyte. Fill the cells about 20 mm above the minimum level mark lower with electrolyte.

Wait 4 hours and adjust if necessary before commissioning. The electrolyte to be used is E Remove the transport seals just before filling. Wait 4 to 24 hours and adjust if necessary before commissioning. Installation 4. Location Install the battery in a dry and clean room. Avoid direct sunlight and heat. Ventilation During the last part of charging, the battery is emitting gases oxygen and hydrogen mixture. At normal float-charge the gas evolution is very small but some ventilation is necessary.

Note that special regulations for ventilation may be valid in your area depending on the application. Mounting Verify that cells are correctly interconnected with the appropriate polarity.

The battery connection to load should be with nickel plated cable lugs. Recommended torques for terminal bolts are: 6.


ALCAD - Antech 98

The UHF inputs can be configured by adding low pass, high pass, band pass, monochannel, band rejection and channel rejection filters. The filters are installed during the factory manufacturing process and cannot be readjusted by the user. The attenuator located at each input makes it possible to control the gain to obtain an output with all the bands equalised. Available filters on page Applications Individual digital and analogue terrestrial TV installations which require an amplifier adapted to the specific needs of the area.


Alcad Catalogue - TOPMODE

Kazirr Shielded zamak chassis and metal plate. The edges of the chimneyshould be protected against the ero-sion caused by the wire rope whichshould then be tensed by means of theturnbuckles. Connection to the anten- na by means of silver-plated copper cables and to the coaxialAA cable by means of a screw terminal. Finally, all the channels coming from the equipment are amplified by a broadband amplifier. In installations with multiswitches, a control voltage can be sent.


Tinyu PDF Me

Kiramar Available in different tap-off attenuation values. The modules cover all the terrestrial reception signals and the interbands for channels generated locally from SAT, DVD, videos or security cameras. The distri- bution is made in the terrestrial TV band and the satellite IF band. The power supply unit is insulated from the rest of thehigh frequency circuit, complying with safety standards for both the installer and the user. Switch to ZPsupply power to preamplifiers with protection against short circuits. Packing weight 0,01 Kg Packing dimensions 80 x 70 x 20 mm Power cable LSPower cable, to feed a module from theprevious module. Connection to an alertsending system via Internet.

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