Using his intuition, Subtilizer predicted that Sinon would choose to snipe on the 5th floor of a five story building. Avoiding loose rubble, he walked up behind her and began strangling her. As Sinon was about to die, he held her close and whispered into her ear that her soul would be sweet. After remembering his dream of defeating the blue-haired sniper while FullDiving, a dream that had been a reality a few days prior, he began to think about the human soul. Gabriel desired to see the soul of the insect leaving its body and carried out numerous experiments, but to no avail.

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The slender frame of the girl formed a strange harmony with the gigantic fifty caliber rifle. I could not see her face as she laid in the prone position with her back to me. However, it must be as imposing as a lynx, adorned with beautiful features. Her concentration was worthy of praise, aiming below without the slightest quiver, her right eye pressed against the scope and her index finger touching the trigger.

I would love to continue gazing upon her from behind for a little more, but I had little time left too. Leaving my concealed shelter, I began walking across the ruined buildings floor. Cautiously avoiding the pebbles, wood chips, and metal scraps, those small objects scattered about my feet, I drew near the girls back in perfect silence.

The girls back abruptly jerked. Did she sense something that made neither noise nor vibration? That intuition was marvelous, but unfortunately, it was too late.

My extended right arm twisted around her slender neck as my left hand pinned her head down from the back. They constricted her with quiet yet clear intent. The Army Combative skill showed its results; the girls visible lifeher HP barbegan falling rapidly. That was no different from the real world, however. Sword Art Online Light Novel 15Alicization Invading 7 I had predicted that this sniper with light blue hair, whom I had most looked forward to fighting no, hunting down among the twenty-nine participants of this tournament named Bullet of Bullets, would try sniping from above in this five-story building.

The problem was, the main street on this map was within range from both the fourth and fifth floors. I needed to swiftly decide which floor to ambush her on. Logically, she would choose the fourth floor where she could prepare to snipe quicker. However, my intuition and judgement whispered to me the moment I saw the library on the fourth floor. My intuition told me that sniper was likely still a young student in the real world.

My judgement told me a student might avoid a library that would bring up memories of real life. That prediction was spot-on. The sniper with light blue hair wasted tens of seconds needlessly ascending that one floor and showed herself on the fifth floors warehouse.

And now, her transient life would dissolve like that of a butterfly that went astray into a spiders web. Aah, if only this was not a mere reduction of binary data in the virtual world, but the deprivation of an actual life and soul.

If only it was a live body squirming in my arm instead of an avatar. That moment would truly be ever so sweet. The snipers HP shown at the top-right of my vision cut through the five percent mark. But the girl continued struggling in desperation to escape from the choke. Even as her enemy, I felt her stance precious, trying her best despite her certain defeat, neither letting out useless utterances nor turning limp in resignation.

While I embraced the girl tight, like a loved one, my mouth drew closer to her ear from behind and whispered. Your soul will be so sweet. It seemed he had fallen asleep unaware. The sofa of Italian make he brought in last week was apparently too soft. With his body still engulfed in the supple leather, he glanced at the smartwatch on his left wrist.

Morning, two-twelve. Getting up, he gently straightened up his back while walking closer to the glass wall in the south. As its entire surface was switchable glass and presently transparent, it permitted an unbroken view of the waterfront from this executive room on the fortythird floor. The harbor quietly glittered in the illumination from the neighboring skyscrapers.

Numerous large ships were moored at the long wharf. These intimidating silhouettes with their sharp edges were not of luxurious cruisers. San Diego, Californias second city, had long been its base.

The economy circled around the gigantic naval base where over twenty-five thousand affiliated to the military resided. However, new industry sectors experienced a boom in recent years.

High-tech industries dealing with information, communication, bio-technology, and such. And there were those corporations who fused military affairs with high technology as well. Primarily entrusted with security services and training by the military, large companies, and other related sectors, these so-called private military companies even deploy manpower to fight directly on the front lines. Gabriel Miller, the chief technology officer of Glowgen Defense Systems that had its headquarters in Downtown San Diego, gazed down upon the ports night view and revealed an unconscious smile.

The dream he saw in his short nap earlier was invigorating, however slight. Sword Art Online Light Novel 15Alicization Invading 9 A dream of a full-dive games event that he had participated in days ago in this executive room.

Gabriel rarely dreamed, but whenever he did, it would be a detailed recount of some scene in his past. The exhilarating sensations of that light blue haired snipers desperate struggle still remained in his arms.

As if it was no dream, but reality No, that was off. That battle happened not in reality, but in the virtual world. Full-dive technology was a marvelous invention. Praises to its inventor, Akihiko Kayaba. He would have been headhunted if he was still alive, even if it took millions of dollars.

Even if he was the worst criminal of the centuryno, precisely because he was such a person. However, while the experiences brought about by the AmuSphere became increasingly lifelike, the inadequacy felt from the realization that they were fake became all that stronger. Like how ones thirst could not be satiated with salt water, no matter how much one drank. As the youngest among Glowgen DSs staff and a major stockholder, Gabriel led his life without worries over his material needs. However, money could not fulfill that craving he held deep in his heart.

Your soul will be so sweet He voiced out the words uttered in his dreams once more. He wanted to whisper that in Japanese which he had been studying since three years ago. But they must have thought him American with that US tag on his HP bar and he had to avoid leaving them an impression stronger than necessary. There would be opportunities to speak at length eventually. He would leave his many questions for then.

Wiping off the faint smile that emerged on his lips without his notice, Gabriel touched the various touch sensors embedded on the window and increased its opacity. Upon which the darkened glass projected himself. His 6 feet, 1 inch body was covered by a white dress shirt and dark grey slacks. His shoes were cordovan, custommade. It was almost the very image of the white establishment, embarrassingly enough, but Gabriel saw no more reason for his appearance than a means for others to identify him.

At the end of the day, the flesh is nothing more than a hull for the soul. The soul. Almost all religions adopted some notion of the soul. Of course, Christianity advocated that the soul would be sent to heaven or hell upon death dependent on ones actions in life. However, it was neither due to Protestantism nor Catholicism that Gabriel believed in the existence of the soul and sought it out.

It was a fact. One personally witnessed, visually. That cluster of light, beautiful beyond compare, soaring from the girls forehead the moment she met her demise in his arms. He had no siblings and he grew up engulfed in love from his affluent parents, both emotionally and financially. The mansion he lived in was grand and there was no end to his playgrounds, but what the young Gabriel loved most was his fathers collection storage.

His father, the owner and manager of Glowgen Securities, the predecessor of Glowgen Defense Systems, had the hobby of collecting insect specimens and countless glass cases lined the vast storage. Gabriel would seclude himself in there when he found time, viewing the multicolored insects with a magnifying glass in a hand and immersing himself in absentminded fantasies as he sat on the sofa in the middle of the room. Curious, deep emotions assailed the young Gabriel at times when he was alone in that dim room with its high ceiling, surrounded by tens of thousands of mute insects.

In the grasslands of Africa, the deserts of the Middle East, the jungles of South America, they energetically made their nests and hunted for food. However, they were caught by a harvester at some point, treated with chemicals, and exchanged hands numerous times through commerce before neatly arranged in these glass cases at the Millers.

In other words, while this room was a collection room of insect specimens, it was also a gigantic cemetery filled with tens of thousands of massacred corpses Gabriel lowered his eyelids and imagined what would happen if the insects around suddenly came back to life. Their six legs would desperately scrape the air, their haptic perception and wings quivering.

The myriad buzzes overlapping and surging towards Gabriel as parched ripples. Buzz, buzz. His eyelids flashed open. The legs of the green rhinoceros beetle fixed in the corner of the case before him seemed to move; he leapt off the sofa. He rushed over to the case, absorbed in the sight, but the insect was a lifeless specimen once more by the time he reached.

Its carapace, legs with sharp thorns growing over them, and compound eyes that resembled a miniscule mesh were emerald green and as glossy as metal. Gabriel pondered on exactly what once powered that delicate body, granting it mobility.

His father told him that insects lacked a brain like that of humans. He asked, how did they think then, and his father showed him a certain video. It captured praying mantises in the act of mating.


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