You will here a very detailed description of all quests main and some less important, side quests. The whole text is divided in three main sections: First chapter that will present you description of all main quests that you have to complete if you want to successfully end the single player campaign. Note, that some of these quests can be completed in many ways and all of them are described here. Second chapter will present you all side quests.

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The opening dungeon is in a dream. You will not die or get injured. Run down the passageway to the iron gate and open it. Defeat the fallen townsmen.

Continue around the large boulder and defeat more fallen townsmen. Continue straight toward the red torch. Defeat all as you go to each torch. Eventually defeat militiamen and knights. Continue and defeat the arch demon at a blocked passage. Continue forward and defeat more paladins and mages. Keep moving through the passage and defeat the arch demon again and awaken from the dream. Enter the hut and get all from the chest.

Before entering the town gate, to the right is another chest. Most buildings in town have items and chests. Enter town and speak with the beast Orruk sitting on the ground. Continue north to the bridge and speak with Knot to begin The Molerat Hunt. The fields ahead have a few healing plants. Continue forward defeating molerats to complete the quest. Back at the intersection, head east to the outside for one final molerat.

Go west out of the village to find Diego. Speak with him, then head down west to the beach and defeat two goblins and open the chest. Go talk to Diego again. Go back to the village and speak with Gromar to complete the smuggler quest and begin the Bow quest. Talk to Ivy at the west gate, then go through straight to the hut ahead.

Inside, get the bow ans supply of arrows. Draw your bow and hold, then hit z to zoom before releasing the arrow. Shoot the required amount and get their inventories. Speak with Halwen just outside. Now go talk to Orruk to begin his mushroom quest.

Go through the west gate and back to where you hunted deer. Go into the cave via the western most entrance. Continue down the passage to find the first blue mushroom. Just south, defeat a goblin. In the western alcove is a chest. Continue south, picking up more mushrooms. After defeating more goblins, to the south is another chest.

Deeper in this location are several edible items. Continue the main path to the end of the cave. Head back to town and speak to Orruk at the main gate. Now go speak to Ivy again. Go back to the western forest where first speaking to Diego.

Knut stops you and begins A Jealous Farmer quest. Defeat him and start the Itchy Feet quest. Continue through the forest to the cave by the waterfall to the north to find Diego to complete the Itchy Feet quest and start Witch in the Woods quest.

Explore the cave for all kinds of items and a chest. Go out the east door. Head north along the wall to find a small cave. Several dirt crawlers attack. In inventory Scrolls, drag the Lightning Bolt spell to a quick slot. Move west through the cave. Tiny sand crawlers slow your movement. Use melee weapons on vermin to put them in their shells, then attack with a Lightning Bolt spell, then use melee on them again.

Halfway through, Lyrca shows up in case you need more spells. Continue east and ignore the north path. Go around the long way to find a chest. Once all vermin are dead, defeat the queen and the Cleaved Maiden quest begins. Speak with Diego. One mod sets enemy damage to zero on you, making you invulnerable in battle. However, you can still die by falling from high places. Another mod causes several different critical items to appear on the map as colored dots, even underground.

Head up east to the main gate of the Inn and speak with Grengar. NE inside the stable is a chest on the south wall. Enter the Cleaved Maiden and speak with the owner Murdra. Upstairs, continue down the hallway through the opening to the left, then into the next room on the right to find Daranis. An Innos and Beliar Artifacts information are on the table.

Pick up both of them to start the quests. Head out of the room and go south in the hallway and enter the next room on the right with a chest by the door. Go downstairs and SAVE. Out the back door is a shallow cave with two chests you can open and a locked chest for much later.

It belongs to Rauter. On the southeast side of the Inn, next to the stables, an Innos Statuette1. At the gate, speak to Grengar again. Take the southwest road, towards an old tower. Head up to the old tower and talk to Rauter downstairs. Behind him is a chest. Go upstairs and speak with Lorn to start The Lost Leg quest. Back down and talk to Rauter again. You can fight, or pay gold for the two kegs of Mead. On the hut porch are apples, bread, and a chest.

In the hut is an old knife on the table. On the north side of the hut is a rusty saw. Down the short south road to the end is an Ancient Relic1 behind a small boulder against the north cliff. Back at the hut, on the north side head up north to a vagabond camp and a chest. Continue up to the Cleaved Maiden front gate. Follow the road directly east to an intersection with wild boars. Take the small short path NW shown on the mini-map to the end and 3 or 4 boars. Back on the main road, continue east.

Watch out for goblins along the way. Ulfrich awaits at the next fork in the east road. An alchemical recipe for the Nighteye Elixir can be found at their camp, along with a chest. TIP: in scrolls section of inventory, right-click all plain scrolls to learn abilities. Head back to Ulfrich and talk to complete his quest. Continue south uphill.

The path curves sharply around left to skeleton bones and a couple of items. Continue south. After passing between large boulders, at an almost hidden intersection very small bear left onto a small path and follow it along the cliff edge to 4 goblins one on the cliff to the right. A chest on the left side of the road. When you reach another small east path off the main road, head east on the small path to the end to three goblins and a chest.

Just SW from the chest is an Ancient Relic3 by a tree.





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