September 23, New Orleans THE wide, muddy river lapped with deceptive laziness at the foot of the levee, while a heavily laden riverboat ponderously picked a path through a bevy of Union warships. Two hundred yards away, the main body of the fleet lay anchored midstream, apart from the city and its sometimes hostile inhabitants. Squat, ugly gunboats with decks nearly awash wallowed like swine amid their more graceful sisters of the open sea, the tall-masted, slim-hipped frigates. Several of each type stood with steam up and cleared for action should the occasion warrant it. A brownish haze hung over the city and the humid air pressed the sweltering heat down upon the detachment of blue-clad soldiers waiting on the dock for the arrival of the sidewheeler.

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Shelves: dragon-s-hoard , romance-hist This was a reread after many, many years--and it held up to my memory. I originally read this as a young teen and loved it. Rereading it as an adult I was wondering if it was going to be as good as I remembered, and while it wandered far afield, but at over pages you have room for a story to stretch time and space, it was entertaining.

I definitely understand why I liked it as a young woman. Alaina was so much of what I identified with at that age and aspired to from the metamorphosis from This was a reread after many, many years--and it held up to my memory. I admired her fortitude and definitely had her smart mouth. The Civil War is not a romantic period and this book spends more time dealing with the realities of shortages and renderings of medical care and issues varnished , albeit far behind lines, but you get bone saw and various triage arguments.

You get the wretched feelings of being torn apart by loyalties and ideas of decency and when they get sacrificed. You get the consequences of death and permanent injury and pain.

All this in a bodice ripper? He favored her with a quick glance and spoke with deliberate slowness. When a man and a woman begin to understand each other, love begins small and grows with the passage of time. It is that which a man holds within himself until it blooms to its fullest.

I read grim, we see grim every day on the news so having something that takes you through hell and back again with a happy ending is kinda nice, right now. Two beings wrapped in the pure bliss of their union, proceeding in eager, uncaring haste, giving all to the other and in return finding everything and more.

My rating remains four stars.


[PDF] Ashes in the Wind Book by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss Free Download (664 pages)



Ashes in the Wind


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