Gozragore This particulur species is so poisonous thathandlingit with the bare hands can cause serious, though probably not fatal, poisoning. If kept cold it is reasonably safe to transport but if warm the vapors can penetrate the rubber seals on the containers. Death can occur up to 14 days after onset of symptoms. Tariq marked it as to-read Oct 22, Their size depends on nxsties size of the screws employed. Ream the ends of the tube to remove any burrs. Cyanide has one strong advantage over the others, however — when used in a moderately large dose as listed above they 31 Cyanides Assorted Nasties have an awesome knockdown speed.

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Dey call us Badass in a Nice Suit : Spewart and Topper. Yes, even the RoboBrood. Though Madame Broode is nowhere to be seen. Braids of Action : Hariet has a long blonde braid that she can outfit with spiky bombs.

In later fights, she has two of them, each getting a spike bomb of their own. Classy Cravat : Spewart. As classy as you can be while vomiting poison sludge everywhere, anyway. Conjoined Eyes : Spewart has a subtle case. Creepy Shadowed Undereyes : This prevents them from looking too cute. Cry Cute : Hariet does this while freaking out when you break her hat.

Exact Words : Their job descriptions as wedding planners are innocent, but also apply to their villainous side. Topper: Client Relations Hariet: Pyrotechnics Rango: Bouncer Spewart: Entertainer Flying Saucer : Hariet, Spewart, and Rango have hats that are visually inspired by various descriptions of flying saucers, fitting them being from the moon. When they get spinning, it becomes more obvious. The brochure descriptions seem to acknowledge this, hesitating to declare the Broodals ouright rabbits.

Genius Ditz : Rango is considerably less intelligent than the other Broodals, but he is incredible at using his boomerang hat. Hair-Raising Hare : Not physically that monstrous compared to most other villains in the series excepting their boss, that is , but these bunnies are not good guys and work for Bowser. Hidden Depths : Spewart is the most brutish of the Broodals His description even asks if his vulgarity is an act.

Hired Guns : They specialize in weddings and bad-guy duties, being an independent group that Bowser calls in for his latest scheme, which combines both. Laughing Mad : Hariet has a deranged cackle when she drops cactus bombs during her counterattack phase.

Lean and Mean : Rango. Level Ate : While made out of moon rock, their base and the area leading up to it are carved like veggies. The base itself is a giant carrot.

Mad Bomber : Hariet. Her attacks mostly involve bombs, and even her innocent job description as a wedding planner is "pyrotechnics". Meaningful Name : Their group name is partially a pun off "bridal" and "brood", and sounds like "brutal".

Rather appropriate for a team of evil wedding planners. Their base is located on the dark side of the moon, even! Nice Hat : All five, in different styles. This is fitting for the game, after all. From his mouth. This actually goes very wrong for them once Mario does manage to stop the wedding.

Punny Name : Collectively, their name is a combination of "bridal", "brood", and "brutal". Hariet is a hare, and uses her hair to fight. Her name is also based on the name Harriet. Topper wears a top hat. His hat also spins like a top.

Spewart spews poison, and given the way the brochure describes him as something of a painter, it could be said he likes to spew art. Topper is the one who plays this the most straight, as he actually uses top hats. Quirky Miniboss Squad : Much like the Koopalings, being a group of same-species characters encountered one by one as the game progresses. Rango even says as much during the final fight with him. Recurring Boss : Each of them are fought more than once, becoming progressively harder to take down each time.

Red Eyes, Take Warning : While this is Truth in Television for some white rabbits, these are definitely a villainous example. Revenge : We find out post-game that Mario crashing the wedding has not only left them jobless, but Rango explicitly states that no one will ever hire them again. If you can track him down and jump on the hat, the phase will end ahead of time.

Simpleton Voice : Rango having a similar appearance to Goofy seems to have not gone unnoticed by the English localization team, since his dialog seems to feature this "Hyuck, hyuck! It clashes somewhat with his very deep voiced Simlish and battle grunting, which is left unchanged. Skippable Boss : Zigzagged. Sphere Eyes : Rango has these. Spikes of Villainy : All three males have them around their hats and as bracelets, and Hariet fights with a spiked helmet that replaces her dainty hat during her fights.

She also uses spiked bombs. Rango has a spike on the top of his hat which disappears during the counterattack phases of his battles so Mario can jump on it and cut the phase short. Super Spit : Spewart spits out a stream of toxic waste as an attack, first spraying it in a circle around him to keep Mario at a distance.

Topper, in particular, is about as short and round as Bowser Jr. Uncleanliness Is Next to Ungodliness : Spewart is an obvious case, as his primary attack method is to spit up poison in projectile arcs. That said, he is otherwise as spiffy as the other two fellows; the surprising case of this is Hariet.

The Unfettered : They will do anything to ensure your wedding goes off without a hitch, no matter what they need to steal or who they need to kill. Warmup Boss : Topper is the first of the Broodals and the first main boss fight in Odyssey. He only takes two hits to beat, while everyone else takes the standard three.

Madame Broode.


King Totomesu



Assorted Nasties






Assorted nasties


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