Gassner introduced Boal to the techniques of both Bertolt Brecht and Konstantin Stanislavski , and encouraged Boal to form links with theatre groups like the Black Experimental Theatre. Boal adapted these methods to social conditions in Brazil, taking a leftist approach on issues concerning nationalism, which were very much in vogue at that time period since the country had just undergone a long period of military dictatorship. Consequently, the company decided to start investing in national theatre pieces written by Brazilian dramaturgs as a move that could possibly save it from bankruptcy. The new investment proved to be a success, opening up the path for a national theatre scene. Boal then suggested the creation of a Seminar in Dramaturgy at the Arena Theatre, which was quickly implemented and soon became a national platform for many young playwrights. In , Boal was kidnapped off the street, arrested, tortured, and eventually exiled to Argentina , [1] where he stayed for five years.

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Start your review of Games for Actors and Non-Actors Write a review Shelves: politics , pedagogy , arty-art-art I was introduced to the work of Augusto Boal by a woman whom I admire greatly. She is a gardener, a writer, an activist, and a performer. She spent time in Brazil studying Theatre of the Oppressed techniques with landless workers there, and now has brought the techniques and skills she learned there back to the States, where she conducts workshops in the practice, among other things.

Many would suggest I was introduced to the work of Augusto Boal by a woman whom I admire greatly. Many would suggest that I should leave those things at home; the classroom is for skills and content. However, the more I reflect on my convictions and beliefs, the more I come to consider radical practice a fundamental part of what I do, what I should do, what I aspire to do.

I have recently been running up against this notion of "practice" - is it really "practice" when it is a way of life? It seems to me that practice, then, is something deeper. It becomes more like a "way," when we think of a "way" as a "Tao. We simply stay on the path. In any case, I think that radical practice - a radical path - for a teacher in my position means truly considering my students - in my case, students often considered "at-risk": immigrants, refugees, single parents, first-generation college students, minorities, individuals recently released from prison, workers without jobs - as humans, as valued, reflective, intelligent individuals with interests and a great capacity to teach and learn from one another.

It means recognizing their various challenges, and celebrating and supporting their strengths. It also means trying new things. The techniques outlined in Games for Actors and Non-Actors transformed my understanding of how to relate to a group of people. I have tried several of the games in my classes, and have had nothing but outstanding positive results, ranging from puzzled introspection leading to insight, to shrieking delight and the mad joy of freedom that comes from doing some that feels both very new and very, very natural.

I am grateful for the constant reminder that, as a teacher, I must always continue to learn.


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