Power generation using Footsteps Power generation using Speed breaker Rain activated wiper Auto hammer striker Electromagnetic magnetic Type Pick and place robot for material handling Embedded controller for traffic controls

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Wind Based Water Pump: Useful for farmers and energy saving. Valve Regrinding Machine: Could be useful in local repairs. Two Wheeler with Propeller Shaft: Could improve the efficiency of the vehicle. Sterling Engine: A detailed study. Spray Painting Robot: Can find industrial applications. Single Cylinder Doubleacting Pump: Pump uses lesser mechanical and electrical power. Salt Water into Pure Water: Simple mechanical converter. Pedaling Dress Washing Machine: Should be able to handle delicate material.

Multi Agri Cutter: Helping the farmers with low cost machine. Industrial Motor Safety Controller: Monitors speed and other parameters. Hydraulic Grease Gun: Regularly used in large-scale industrial applications.

Car Controlled System Operation: Could be a dashboard monitoring system. Voice Operated Fuel Injector: Vocal commands to control level of fuel injection. Check Post Vehicle Analyzer: Electronic scanner to perform auto-checks. Speed Vehicle Sensing: High speed motion sensors. Solar Automatic Mobile Charging: Self explanatory. Automatic Speed Breaking Systems: Notice speed breaker and reduce vehicle speed appropriately. Vehicle Inmobilization System: Stop the engine in case of theft through remote command system.

Digitized Vehicle Car Dashboard: Digital dashboard for smart-cars. Zig Zag Pneumatic Lift: Hydraulics and pneumatic lifts. Wire Rope Elevator: Design and study. Steam Power Plant: Backyard power generator. Sheet Metal Cutting Machine: Simple robot to cut metal sheets.

Engine Over Heat Alarm: Notify the driver in case of overheating. Emergency Braking System: Auto-sense obstacle and apply brakes. Electric Power from Speed Breaker: When the cars move over speed breakers, generate power.

Pneumatic Forging Machine: Forging of steel bars. Frictionless Electromagnetic Braking System: Eliminating friction at the contact points.

Conveyer for Quality Contro: Conveyer belts design. Automatic Spiral Punching Machine: Industrial machine. Circular Cutting Machine: Aircraft production industry. Automatic Rain Operated Wiper: Operates after sensing rain drops. Automatic Thermocole Cutter: Precision cutter. Hydraulic Jack: For cars and light vehicles.

Hand Operated Pneumatic Robot: Mechanical advantage. Automatic Lubrication Unit: Lubrication at the joints and surfaces. Air Pollution Monitor: Monitor air parameters and determine pollution levels. Mileage Projector: Statistical machine to project vehicle mileage. Paint Mixer Machine: Mixing paints in proper proportions. Yarn Breakage Monitor: Determine the points of breaks and report them. Automatic Packaging Systems: Auto-pack the product with robot. Bombon Bridge: Study, analysis and design.

Automatic Gear Display: Gear display system. Automatic Gear Changer: Auto-transmission system for 4-wheelers. Fabrication of Hydraulic Power Plant: Analysis and implementation. Fabrication of Wind Mill: Power efficient green source of energy. Automatic Dimensioning Machine: Study. Automatic Brake Failure Indicator: Constantly monitor the brakes system. Film Roll Cutter: Cut film role at determined positions. Coffee Maker: Mechanical coffe and milk mixer. Automatic Bottle Filling System: Specific amount of substance to be filled in the bottles.

Automatic Coil Winding Machine: Create coil windings of specific size. Automatic Laminating System: Create plastic laminations. Unified Wheel Opener: Car wheel screws and bolts opener. Power Transmission in Automobiles: Detailed analys of various power transmission states. Automatic Reverse Braking System: In-dept study and analysis.

Wall Following Robot: Robot follows walls as guiding points. Mechanical Four Wheels Steering: Automatic steering of four wheels. Buoyancy Shoe: Implementation, design and analysis. Radial Piston Engine: Uses of it in practical locomotives. Green Nanotechnology In Automobiles: Possibilities of nanotech in automobiles. Stair Climbing Robot: Mechanical robot that climbs stairs.

Vacuum Braking System: Industrial applications and uses. Traction Control System: Railway system monitoring. Magneto Abrasive Flow Machining: Tools and techniques used. Robotic Manipulator Arm: Uses in the paint industry.

Intelligent Reverse Braking System.


Automatic Poor Quality Rejection Using Conveyor Automation

September 25, We often see that, persons with disability needs to use mobility car. Mobility Car is a vehicle issued to a disabled person, to allow them to travel without burden of their disability. But this car too not come with some preconditions and these conditions are difficult to met for severely disabled person. Moreover, driving a car is always difficult for a person with having control distributed all over. This project is for mechanical engineering students and would be extremely useful for people who are impair the physical abilities Our objective: We want to build a car which can be operated by using joystick. If we can build that, it would be great help for disabled persons.


Mini Project Ideas For Mechanical Engineering Students

The product is moved to the Sensor Cabin to verify the quality through the Conveyor. The Dimension of the product is checked using the Sensor Interface. If the product has no accurate dimension the rejecter rejects the product to the Rejecter Bin. If the product has high quality the conveyor moves it to the Accepted Bin. The motor is used to move the Conveyor that carries the product. The Micro Controller is used to sense the product using sensor interface, control the rejecter using rejecter control, control the motor using motor driver.





Mini Project Ideas For Mechanical Engineering Students


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