The book focuses on the archaeology of the Bronze Age and Iron Age Levant and traces the story that this archaeology unfolds as compared with the accounts given in the Hebrew Bible. Despite the subject matter, however, the authors do not appear to have any particular axe to grind and would seem to be more interested in The Bible Unearthed is a rich informative book that manages to deliver a large amount of detail in a highly readable prose that entertains without overwhelming the reader. Despite the subject matter, however, the authors do not appear to have any particular axe to grind and would seem to be more interested in discussing what the current evidence tells us or, in many cases, merely suggests to us rather than trying to make it fit any particular pet theory about the history of the Levant. While the authors do convincingly argue that the archaeological record reveals a history of the Biblical kingdoms of Israel and Judah that often departs from the accounts given in the Deuteronomistic history, they do not present this information as part of any agenda to debunk or rebut the Bible - at least, not beyond the acknowledgment that there is really no evidence to support a strictly literal interpretation of the "historical" information provided in the Bible.

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Os autores deixam, finalmente, aos leitores, o julgamento de sua empreitada. Para demonstrar isto, tratam dos arameus, de Amon e Moab, Edom, dos descendentes de Ismael e de nomes de lugares mencionados em Gn 14 e outros textos. Princeton: Princeton University Press, Como viviam estes israelitas no seu cotidiano? Sabemos de suas fronteiras e batalhas, mas como eram os assentamentos e como se sustentavam? Como assim? Descrevem o modo de vida nos povoados, usando como exemplo Izbet Sartah que foi bem pesquisado.


La Biblia desenterrada


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