A cult performer who is a celebrity, he is less known for his work than his lifestyle. Yet his work is his lifestyle. But what sets him apart from the vast majority of comedians offering up their navel contents for public inspection is an exceptional combination of candour, ardour and humour. And he is genuinely, alarmingly, funny.

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Apr 27, Jason rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Reviewers of book reviews about books "However, I want book reviews to be book reviews. This dark ruby memoir opens with a very nice raspberry like bouquet. On the palate, Russell Brand is medium bodied, very well balanced, and smooth with delicious light raspberry flavors. The finish is dry, with light tannins that linger slightly. This is a terrific memoir!

If you can find this Booky Wook, impress your friends or your boss the next time you see this book on the book list. Its a wonderful "However, I want book reviews to be book reviews. It has confounded, at one time or another, people at just about every spot across the political spectrum.

Maybe the fact that it was a comedy from the mids had something to do with it. My viewing of Booky Wook came immediately after a viewing of Rabbit Redux, another Jim Carrey comedy from the same era that looked pretty weak. Perhaps because My Booky Wook is much more special-effects driven than the average memoir, it receives a rather fine hi-def transfer.

Blacks are nice and deep throughout, and the image is pretty much blemish-free throughout. No scratches or flecks here. Faint grain is evident here and there, and facial detail is somewhat weak in contrast to background detail.

Even so, My Booky Wook looks sharp overall. Audio is perfectly adequate, if a little unremarkable. Despite this, the only films available featuring straight guys masturbating were made for a gay audience. Horny women wanting to watch a spot of wrist work had to make do with open butt shots and ocassionally creepy commentary from gay gonzo film makers.

Booky Wook causes relaxation and induces sleep. This memoir helps you fall asleep within 15 to 30 minutes, so read Brand only when you are ready to go to sleep. Technical: Booky Wook has been shown to bind preferentially to the omega-1 BZ-1 receptor subtype of the GABAA receptor, the subtype thought to be most closely associated with sleep. In contrast, John Updike nonselectively binds to and activates all 3 omega receptor subtypes.

While the selective binding of Russell Brand on the omega-1 receptor is not absolute, it may explain the preservation of deep sleep stages 3 and 4 in human studies of Booky Wook at hypnotic doses.

The biggest concern is that My Booky Wook is not aware of its environment and places himself in a number of dangerous situations. The latest incident occurred when Booky Wook left the school during the middle of the school day and wandered onto the road.

My Booky Wook greets people inconsistently. Wook is echolaic, and will repeat words and phrases. It needs a verbal cue to make eye contact when speaking to others. This memoir will play with peers for approximately minutes but has difficulty keeping an interaction going.

This memoir is energetic outdoors, mellow and quiet indoors. Memoirs were never intended to be simply household pets. It may express its unhappiness through destructive chewing and barking.

If you work all day, this is not the memoir for you.


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