Jubar You could use Fiasco When she enters, she quiets the class and says brooomstix has an announcement:. One of them in particular is a tall, well-built boy of around 15 with a basin style haircut, his hair jet black. Still, it does seem a little odd to run a fantasy setting written for children and young adults with such a crunchy system. They are large horses, with wide, feathered wings.

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You have five points to distribute between Athletics, Knowledge and Intrigue. You may gain an additional point by choosing one Aptitude at Athletics governs all physical abilities such as running, jumping, climbing and sneaking. The Muggle Studies skill allows pureblood Wizards and Witches to use normal academic fields such as History or Science.

Muggle-Studies also deals with mundane skills such as Computer Use or Driving. Intrigue also deals with your ability to move stealthily and spy on others. It is modified by skill levels in various schools of magic, as well as based upon the type of wand that the character uses.

The Magic attribute is the only one of the four attributes that has a set value that is not modified with starting points. The limit for any one skill is equal to the rating of the corresponding attribute. They are divided into two main areas Fighting and General Athletics , with a third category reserved for the various positions of Quidditch. The Specialties within the Fighting Skill are grouped according to specific martial abilities that are taught in school.

To this end, these Skills may also be used competitively for example, in a Fencing exhibition or an Archery contest. Note that the Fly skill involves both flying creatures ie: Hippogriffs and broomsticks. You should Specialize in at least one position provided you have the pre-requisite Skills.

Most Quidditch players focus on one particular position. Most Knowledge Skills can be found in a properlyequipped library. When researching Muggle Studies in a library, take note that a Wizard library will have much less available than a Muggle library. Similarly, a Muggle Library will have almost no useful information about the world of Magic. Astronomy is a pre-requisite for Divination as students are expected to know all the planets and major constellations. BHJD History of Magic delves into both ancient and modern magical history, famous figures and noteworthy events.

Intrigue Skills do not have individual Specialties. MVGG The ability to fast-talk or otherwise fool someone, as well as knowing when someone is pulling a fast one on you. Handy when passing notes, using codes and innuendo and separating fact from rumor. Prank also covers feats of mundane "magic" card tricks, palming small objects, etc. Charm spells are in some ways the opposite of Curses: many Charms seem to have in inherent positive tone e. Some magical plants form important ingredients in potions, others have magical effects on their own.

It is possible to change inanimate objects into animate ones and vice versa. The Hat will look at the student and place him in a House that suits his or her inner nature. If you are in this House you will gain experience when you accomplish a feat of heroism. If you are in this House you will gain experience when you accomplish a goal through wise decision-making.

If you are in this House you will gain experience whenever you succeed through your perseverance or fair play. If you are in this House you will gain experience whenever you get ahead by using treachery or cunning. Most characters will have either a Muggle Upbringing or Magical Upbringing. Skill Bonuses from Unique Situations do not count against the maximum rating of that Skill. Characters can take an additional Unique Situation by sacrificing two of their five starting Skill points leaving that character 3 Skill points to distribute between Athletics, Knowledge and Intrigue.

Discuss the particulars of your gift with the Headmaster. Because of your large size, you are also a bit clumsier than normal people. You have a -2 penalty to your Dodge and Sneak Skills. Note that Hagrid is actually a half-Giant, hence his considerable size and strength.

Pointed black hats are also worn as part of the school uniform. Dragonhide gloves are also required for laboratory work. A sturdy winter cloak is also necessary for those cold walks outside.

Used textbooks cost about half as much as new books and usually come with their own annotations and pre-underlined passages. You may also choose to purchase a wand that gives no bonus or penalty. Casting with an unfamiliar wand is done at Casting with a broken wand is done at -4 and will result in a Mishap if the result is 5 or lower. Casting without a wand is next to impossible but may be attempted at a to the roll.

Some broomsticks are built for endurance or for comfort. The most expensive ones are built for speed and agility. Accepted familiars are toads, rats, cats and owls. Owls are the most expensive but come in handy when the student needs to deliver a message. Students without owl familiars of their own may use public post-owls for mailing documents. A successful Quaffle score earns that team 10 points. Beaters keep the Bludgers away from the Chasers and Seeker.

Unless blocked, both Bludgers will get to attack the Chaser and Seekers. On a Bumbling Success, one Bludger is blocked but the other gets free and may attack the Seeker or a Chaser. On a Success, both Bludgers are blocked. If attacked by a Bludger, the Seeker must roll their Fly skill to avoid the Bludger or they lose their chance to grab the Seeker.

Reaching points or capturing the Snitch will end the match. Winston makes it to the dungeon door and slams it shut behind him. But if you really need to get your action off early you can take a penalty on your next die roll.

This penalty is then applied to your skill when determined the order of actions. BHJD Magic is handled exactly like any other die roll and magic spells can be cast in haste. If dueling and your opponent has the drop on you, you may cast a counter-curse, but at a negative modifier depending on the magic rating of your opponent. Xavier decides that he wants to get his spell off before Penny can react so he casts an Engorgement Charm with a haste penalty of Penny opts for a more defensive strategy and casts a counter-curse.

Xavier rolls a 13 - an excellent result, but suffers a -3 penalty to his Magic score for casting his spell in haste His final score is 10 A bumbling success… Penny rolls a If successful, you accomplish whatever you want to happen just like when using any other skill. If your character is hurt in a fight or after doing something hazardous , you may suffer a penalty to your future actions until healed - but this is up to the players and the Headmaster.


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