The MEK now can also be controlled directly at the junction box control panel A new optional single-phase motor for easier installation and lower installation costs Support for a broad range of HART command signals revision 5 10 times faster sampling rate and four times higher resolution for greater measurement sensitivity and smoother The surface-mounted sensor card is less sensitive to pipe vibration faster calibration and greater accuracy Optional full PC simulation of the SPC control program for control from hand-held or notebook computers, and realistic off-line operator-training Avesta SMO or Hastelloy C wetted component materials for operation in corrosive bleach plant environments The unique design of the machine in its upward web run configuration permits color separation, for instance, starch on one side of the web and coating color on the other side. Tel: ; Fax: Newsletter Signup Get the latest industry news, insights, and analysis delivered to your inbox. Join your peers I agree to the Terms and Privacy Statement. Learn more Got it!

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Vuzragore Do not bend or twist the card. Despite this, display readability is quite sufficient in normal room lighting. The diagram in fig 40 shows max. Press the sample for lab evaluation. Fig 1 Junction box dimensions.

The three calibration constants K0, K1 and K2 and the correlation factor r2 can also be seen. Before commencing the work of installation, check that the thickness of the pipe wall is sufficient for the pressure rating required.

Calibrate the flow transmitter against the consistency transmitter. Set the write manhal button to the activated position to prevent input. The motor should preferably be connected using a plug to ensure easy service accessibility. Install the transmitter so that it is protected from direct mechanical damage. Fit the 10 mm stud bolt supplied into the upper hole in the transmitter mdk, and lock it in position with sealant.

On request it can be delivered with flanges. The other models use low pressure water or no flushing water at all. Communication with the transmitter can also be achieved at a greater distance. Mount the connector in its position. You can re- 0 zero. Sampling valve The sampling valve should be installed as close to the transmitter as possible and it is recommended that it be installed on the same side of the pipe.

BTG will disclaim any liability for problems and damage caused by incorrect power supply. As soon as the motor has been connected, check that the direction of rotation is correct by starting and stopping the motor momentarily.

Transfer the calibration to the transmitter. Otherwise the valve should be installed in such a way as to avoid interference from mwnual bends, pumps, etc. MBT uses maanual shear force principle, measures the density of paper pulp through a sensory blade of reciprocating action, shear force measuring way make degree of sensitivity of transducer fibrous admixture, dissociate degree, packing, the intersection of black liquor and the intersection of content, velocity of flow, air content, pressure,etc.

This makes calibration constant K2 negative, which mxnual not admissible. It is on the foundation of the MBT type that sales volume well known has already exceededget the perfect MBT type through improving and refining, it brings better measurement result and less demands of maintenance to you. Wide scatter of calibration points round calibration line low correlation factor Action: Particulars to be filled in by hand.

Double click on the SPC icon. In general, a satisfactory operational life of the seal can be obtained without water flushing, provided the restrictions as outlined are borne in mind. Trend see section 3. See the wiring diagram in the Installation instructions section of the JCT manual included in this manual. The changed setting only affects the calibration curve display. This function is in the main menu under and in the Simulation mode On menu.

Always check that this dimension agrees with the dimension stated for the position number and in the order copy. The MEK is the basic model in a series of highly specialized transmitters optimized for their individual application In this case, points 5 and 6 would have made K2 negative if the program had not manipulated the calibration.

Mounting parts, such as measuring mel and weld-in studs, are dealt with in accordance with the pressure vessel standards of the respective countries.

A water valve for flushing the mwk chamber and a drain valve for emptying the measuring chamber will also be required.

K0 may be positive, or can assume a negative value as shown in the figure. Do not attempt to bypass the sealing components since the unit will then no longer be sprayproof and thus the enclosure rating will be compromised.

The function can be disabled by using the button Temp. MBT consistency transmitter — B T G density measures MBT Pressing the print-button will transfer the data to your text file for one range at the time Fig To check the flow we recommend a flow indicator. If the lab value is 1.

Items 4 and 5 are not part of the delivery. The function operates by applying a correction factor to the calculated cons. High voltage within the junction box. For Safety precautions please refer to SR Trend Setting the minimum consistency of the measuring span. The dilution water pipe should have the same or larger dimension as the valve bore to prevent the valve from being plugged by pulp at water pressure loss.

Enter or kpmm as required. Based emk a laboratory sample, B: Related Posts


BTG Model MEK 2300 Consistency Transmitter

Vuzragore Do not bend or twist the card. Despite this, display readability is quite sufficient in normal room lighting. The diagram in fig 40 shows max. Press the sample for lab evaluation. Fig 1 Junction box dimensions. The three calibration constants K0, K1 and K2 and the correlation factor r2 can also be seen.



Vill The card is an object of considerable value. Note that shut-off valves should only be used in low pressure installations and with non-hazardous media, as a reliable seal over the valve cannot be guaranteed. Maual not turn the vessel upside down. Consistency — BTG — Raising your productivity Take New calib sample ration The feedback signal will then be stored in the memory for sample 1 mean value over 40 seconds. A change to the feedback adjustment changes the setting of the transmitter!



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