Sight Volume 1 was released in June this year, with two more instalments due for release the second instalment is coming in September. When she was younger Harper Connelly was struck by lightning. Ever since then, she has been able to sense death. Harper is the ultimate lemons into lemonade girl, turning her ability into a profession; she along with her step-brother, Tolliver tours the country, helping search for missing persons for a price. But the longer Harper and Connelly stay, the messier their investigation gets.

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I am beginning to think that the more I read of Charlaine Harris, the less I like her. This was just And creepy. Poorly written, weak plot, cardboard cut-out characters, creepy relationships and creepy romance, and trademark Charlaine Harris character name and detail errors all in one book.

I guess I could just write a list, like our heroine, who Charlaine describes as a list-maker with little opportunity, first does 26 pages from the Ugh. I guess I could just write a list, like our heroine, who Charlaine describes as a list-maker with little opportunity, first does 26 pages from the end of the book. Guess not. More likely, Charlaine hereafter known as "CH" just wanted to rehash everything and wrote in a "personality trait" to do so.

Speaking of personality, oh lordy me. Were there any personalities in this book? Why anyone would want to read an entire series about her is beyond me. There is nobody, at all, in this book that was even remotely interesting or unique. Harper is almost totally and completely dependent on Tolliver. They talk about buying a house together, and Harper talks about the possibility of Tolliver marrying, and fleetingly thinks of that for herself, but she seems very reluctant to think about that, and the thought of Tolliver committing himself to someone besides her seems to give her anxiety.

What is not logical is sheer panic when your "lifeline" brother is out of your line of sight for any length of time without a suitable male stand-in. OMG noes! HOW will you copez?! Harper is even described as having her stomach clench when Tolliver "sweet talks" someone else.

This includes Harper Family Mystery and Drama. Stick with it. All in all, there was just no Sorry Charlaine, you need to know your characters before any reader can. Nor is giving someone acne scars and then saying that he likes really smooth skinned women probably because of that.

I really have to wonder what kind of publisher would read this and say, "Yes! We have either a way, way too close brother and sister relationship or a way dysfunctional couple-night stand relationship with extremely-recently-widowed young cop.

He gets all almost choked up when he talks about her, and he says he loved her, and even hired Harper to tell him some info about how she died.

Then Hollis and Harper do the nasty. Strange, but not unheard of. Then, during the course of the "investigation", this appears: There are Sally death spoilers! And the ideas of the last few days, the idea that Sally was murdered, that the son of a bitch who did it has been walking around this town, talking to me, free, has been curdling my gut.

And the fact that every time I see you, I want to screw you so bad it hurts. You practically break into my house, my damn house, and I want to fuck you right here on the floor. It was described as "short and violent and the most exciting encounter Harper had ever experienced.

I almost closed the book right there. That was just But I was curious about the mystery. I wanted to know. I finished it. I want my two days back. Did I mention it was creepy too?


Grave Sight



Grave Sight, Part 1




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