Cheryl Contee: I do a fair amount of public speaking in the course of my work. The number of black women who have raised significant seed or venture capital over a million dollars is still a very small club. Only a handful in American history. Reading Mechanical Bull Rae Williams: What is the actionable item that when people read the book, they can say yes, this is what I need to do?

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Cheryl was a co-founder of social marketing software Attentive. Cheryl is also proud to be a co-founder of the tech inclusion initiative YesWeCode. Buy it, consume it, learn from it. Listen here. Do you need more startup expertise on your team? With an array of backgrounds, industry experience and unique talents, there are many services we could provide to you to support your startups growth.

While special projects are not the primary foci of our efforts at present, if we or any of our Mentors might help deliver a special project, please connect with us.

Are you an accelerator or incubator? Several of our core Mentors, including our Entrepreneur in Residence has worked with several accelerator programs as Mentors and advisors to the program, working to improve the overall startup journey through the program and the value created. Our lessons learned from working with different startup ecosystems around the world may be just the thing you need to take your program to the next level. While there are a wide array of special projects we could do with accelerator programs, we are particularly interested in: Providing professional mentors for your next startup class.

Producing a training workshop to improve the quality of your existing Mentor program. Managing your Mentor Community to improve the results they deliver to your startups and provide more value to the mentors.

Inviting your mentors to apply to join our network, to connect them with more opportunities to grow and connect outside of your network. Have a need for immediate guidance?


Meet the Mentor: Cheryl Contee

Print icon Resize icon I saw myself as a technologist, like so many in Silicon Valley. I believed that with a good idea for a product and enough gumption, I could make anything happen for my business. So when my business partner, Roz Lemieux, and I sought funding to take our new product, Attentive. We had a good product and paying customers. Yet here I was consistently being told it was a good idea but that there was a problem with me. The clear, explicit statement was that if someone else had brought it in, it would be worth it.


Cheryl Contee


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