Christian Harfouche was operating. The advertisement read Joy healing, miracles, signs and wonders. So we had a fairly good idea what to expect, but there is more to some of these ministries than meets the eye. Christian Harfouche came from a Catholic family who moved to Los Angeles, California when he was fourteen.

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Christian Harfouche was operating. The advertisement read Joy healing, miracles, signs and wonders. So we had a fairly good idea what to expect, but there is more to some of these ministries than meets the eye. Christian Harfouche came from a Catholic family who moved to Los Angeles, California when he was fourteen.

He was brought up in Beruit, Lebanon As a young man, he dropped out of high school and comes from a background of drugs being a former 5th degree black belt.

He stopped at a Christian program and felt the presence of the Lord. He suddenly felt the love and forgiveness of the Lord. Harfouche and his wife were ordained by Dr.

Lester Sumrall Evangelical Association Ministries in People at his meetings give testimonies of the Pensacola outpouring basically a repeat of Toronto with a mixture of sometimes good preaching with extreme unholy manifestations and bad doctrine. Harfouche wants to take people to the realm of the supernatural. His ministry is about power for miracles. Harfouche claims that on one occasion you could hear angels singing from their service and it is recorded on the CD spirit songs others have claimed this as well in their services.

He teaches on the anointing and ones authority, he and his wife state we have all authority which not found in the Bible anywhere. Jesus does not give that equality to any sinful man. There is no Scripture to validate this. He teaches the more you magnify the anointer you magnify the anointed one. This too is unscriptural. The anointer who from what I gather he means the Holy Spirit magnifies and points to Jesus. This always will bring someone into serious error.

Once someone accepts this idea they can accept a false experience as well. This is Nonsense; there is no genuine for the Ouiji board, for channeling, for automatic writing; for astral travel or angelic communications. The Devil is ingenious enough to invent new spiritual practices besides copying, after all he invented religions and false spirituality. Harfouche talks about the third move which we now know as the third wave coined by John Wimber and C.

Wagner which Harfouche is saturated in. This all makes sense as one see the connection. You can often tell what the person is about by the people they associate and work with. We find Drs. Allen, Oral Roberts Harfouche may think he operates in the gift of miracles but a little discernment would help immensely. Coe would sometimes "pick people up out of the wheelchairs. Allen was also kicked out of the Assemblies of God denomination when he jumped bail after being arrested for drunk driving Harrell, He denied the very nature of God in even a greater way than he confused it and taught Christ was not eternal and was a word spoken.

Yet they ignore the atrocious teachings and aberrant practices that made up their ministry. These were not mistakes but practices that brought harm not health.

In his book he is aware of that the angel of the Lord appearing to Branham since childhood The Miracle Ministry of the Prophet p. So where is the integrity he is speaking about? Where is standing for the truth in Bible doctrine. Allen and Smith Wigglesworth as great men. He then tells a story of how he was shocked at what they would do under the anointing. He related a story about how God spoke to him to punch a woman in her deteriorating jaw.

So he punched her in the face. She hit the floor out cold, when she came too she was healed by the power of God. He punched another in the stomach and healed a tumor. And why not, the Rodney Browne connection to Hagin is there.

If you can find in the Bible any apostle physically do such a thing to anyone please inform me on this. Her back was deteriorating. His wife knew I was going to hit her in the back. And my wife knew I was going to hit her in the back. Unfortunately this is not being avoided, but accepted by those who gather to watch a miracle show. One day you may walk into church and see the preacher punching punching people in line to give an impartation of the spirit and healing.

The Holy Spirit does not promote violence, he is called the comforter not the brawler. He does not pack a wallop. I have seen this kind of activity in the occult but not in the Scripture. It is the fallen nature of man that is violent, not God. So I see no validation for this. The Spirit of the Lord is gentle to his people who need healing, he is another like Jesus. But there is more to his hitting people to be healed.

I discovered some interesting facts on this. Christian Harfouche began his study of martial arts as a teenager in Beirut Lebanon from an instructional book written in Arabic at 12 years old. Now, over thirty years later, he is one of the highest-ranking martial artists in the world. After Harfouche earned his sixth-degree black belt in TAI jutsu in His motivation stemmed from a desire to create a hybrid system that contained the basic techniques taught in traditional arts and coalesced them in such a way that any student, regardless of his or her physique, could make them work.

Harfouche has studied with Mr. A two page ad was featured in the June issue Black Belt Magazine. This style is a complex yet flowing series of movements based on the expansive art of Chin-na.

Chin-Na techniques for controlling and incapacitating your opponent. These techniques can be found in Dr. That two opposite forces in the body, called yin and yang, could be kept in balance by acupuncture, thereby promoting health and controlling disease. Their significance through the centuries has been felt in every aspect of Chinese thought, including astrology, religion, medicine, art, and government.

Buddhism emphasizes the role of individual seeking and effort to attain self-mastery, self-realization, and enlightenment. Daoism advocates the use of certain physical exercises and breathing exercises directed to the same end. Traditional teachers of martial arts emphasize self-improvement, spiritual development, discipline, and aesthetic form. Non-traditionalists will emphasize self-defense combat, discipline, and spiritual development.

Yet one must dedicate an enormous amount of time to reach this certain skill level. Harfouche, teaches approximately students at his dojo in Pensacola, Florida. I cannot fathom someone who is supposed to have the anointing of God in such a fashion continue to teach, practice and even invent a new system of martial arts while they are a Christian minister.

This seems to be an oxymoron. This is a very different worldview. This is not a put down on martial arts. The anointing is the Spirit who is God and he does not dwell in inanimate objects but people. Neither can we transfer him into objects such as Handkerchiefs. In the meetings tongues were continually spoken out loud with no interpretation. However, this is minor compared to other issues that are raised. Then came the offering time. In a clear manipulation from Scripture he spoke on the story of the woman who anointed Jesus with very expensive perfume sparing no expense and how Judas argued that it should have been sold.

He then told the audience to likewise break open their alabaster vial to give to his ministry. Another night he gave the appeal of giving and the worship leader his own dropped off the offering first in front of the congregation then everyone else followed by going up front at the pulpit to drop in there envelopes in the baskets.

This way they can eye who gave and whom did not. Contrary to this practice we are not to show our giving like this, at least according to the Bible. Again this has become a practice in Charismatic Pentecostal extremes. He has potential to be an excellent teacher because of his communication skills if he taught more correct doctrine and abandoned any manipulation.

The people he is affiliated with are R. Browne, Dr. Ed Dufresne, Pastor Happy Caldwel In one the service I attended he continued to teach that Jesus was a happy man anointed with the oil of gladness. He portrayed Jesus as always being joyful having the joy of the Lord which he equated with laughter. In his July 1, service laughter broke out everywhere it was R. This is not a balanced view of Jesus. If one reads carefully, he wept about death, he sorrowed over Israel rejecting him and not seeing the time of their visitation.


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