There are two texts that I love very much and that maybe are not well knownand I believe should be disclosed in our Christian communities to make their own faith and love in them testified. So sing the Mystery of the Incarnation. Only love for God and for others authentically fills the heart of man with joy. Canto di natale spettacolo musicale — spartito — L. Ussana — 22 gennaio Each piece can be performed in different ways, depending on the capabilities and possibilities of choirs and individual performers.

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Tojasida O amore ineffabile frisina spartito. The Church sings the face and beauty of the only Son of the Father whose infinite love led him to lay down his life for us. La Vera Gioia Marco Frsina versione originale. We find in it the source of joy and amazement and we draw from it the foundations of our faith because we recognize Jesus as the God made man for us, because in Him we find the meaning of our existence and the certainty of our ib.

Aprite le porte a Cristo. As always, this proposal is part of the songs from the texts that the Liturgy and the Word of God offer us. I hope these songs can help the prayers of all those who will perform them and they can grow in their esteem and love for the priestly vocation.

Annunciazione gioia e amore le feste e le memorie ma- riane. Frisina O amore ineffabile M. If not exhaustive with respect to his complete musical repertoire, however, it represents a summary of important titles already so appreciated by all his affectionate public, an audience that has no boundaries now. Among the songs offered, are songs of the Ordinary of the Mass, as well as a hymn composed for the International Eucharistic Congress ofin which verses are summarized in the Eucharistic imagery drawn from Scripture and the Fathers of the Church.

I also added some friisna linked to the mystery of vocation to the priesthood and to the memories of Pastors, whose verses are inspired by biblical texts. The Holy Father has recently shown in the Marian prayer, especially the Rosary, one of the most powerful means to obtain from God the graces necessary and to implore his mercy to the world.

Lo spirito del Signore M. The presence of the Eucharistic hymns emphasizes the strong bond of the sacrament of the Eucharist with Easter. Only love for God and for others authentically fills the heart of man with joy. Eucaristia, tesoro ineffabile dei fedeli. I hope that the journey of Lent can strengthen our soul and make it agile in the fight against sin and resourceful in doing good.

Non temere The Eucharist is the center of the universe and of our life. Alfonso de Liguori, in their turn to become singers and friwina of the Incarnate Word. In the Bible, the Greek word is translated as Kyrios, which is the Lord.

This collection presents new orchestrations and presentations of beloved songs written by Marco Frisina and published originally in and Canto di natale spettacolo musicale — spartito — L. In addition to the parts of the Ordinary of the mass, some songs are presented whose text recalls the themes of the Year of Mercy. O alto e glorioso Dio, illumina le tenebre del cuore mio. Most 10 Related.

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Credo in te



Credo in Te (frisina)



CREDO IN TE - Testo e Accordi



Credo in te testo


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