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Select Page Series The lmplematic was also introduced in September and although this model would run concurrently with the until October At first the appeared with a 4-cylinder engine, and some 12, of these were to be built. Yet its greatest success came as the smaller engined version which was introduced in September and went on to see 39, examples of its type.

Many people may wonder however, why David Brown thought it practical to run the and at the same time, and this was a question I put to Robin Kedward, a farmer in Monmouthshire who has long worked with the tractor and now become a devoted fan. All the models had bowl-less fuel filters which made servicing easier and the oil filter was mounted directly onto the cylinder block, dispensing with the aluminium filter head.

Also, for the first time I believe, the yellow stove enamelled exhaust was used. This tractor was an immediate success with large and small farmers alike. With its easy starting and economical engine, swinging drawbar and two speed pto, giving superb performance, these little tractors would often out-perform larger models and many spent their working lives driving balers, rotavaters and rotaspreaders.

David Brown March brought the introduction of the fabricated front axle which was fitted first to serial number , and later went on to be used on many other models. The following month saw tractor number being the first to benefit from the introduction of height control. This very popular tractor remained basically unchanged until the final 4-cylinder rolled off the production line in August , the last one being graced with the serial number August also brought dramatic changes in the engine department with the introduction of a new 3-cylinder power unit of a completely new DB design.

My own DB 3-cylinder is no , which is one of the very first. A new type of three-way hydraulic valve was also fitted and after a few months the engine was also fitted with a high-lift camshaft which again improved performance. Plans were already underway for a new model with a much improved hydraulic system Selectamatic and this tractor was to be a proving ground for the new 3-cylinder engine.

The price list issued for the Smithfield Show informs us that the lmplematic Livedrive with 5. Those were the days!! Yet, somewhere around the world careful owners must still be putting these tractors in regular use, as for example one which I spied in a neighbouring field whilst driving down a motorway in Luxembourg in Six months ago I managed to buy a nice 4-cylinder model.

I like the quietness and smooth running of the 4-cylinder, but I also like the slogging ability of the 3 cylinder.


David Brown 880 Implematic



Myydään David Brown



David Brown 880 Selectamatic


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