Welcome Welcome to DrawPlus X4—the design and illustration solution from Serif, packed with all the features expected of award-winning design software. From decorative page elements and logos to full-page illustrations, scale drawings, multi-page publications, and Stopframe or Keyframe animations—DrawPlus X4 does it all. With this version, DrawPlus has broken the price-performance barrier once again! That way, we can keep you informed of new developments and future upgrades!

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It has lots of things use. If you are serious about drawing on your computer, I will have to say this software is great for you. Softwares you can also try along with this is that are free: Gimp - a free photoshop but, it lacks some features Inkscape - great for 2d art paint. Cons, it has only one brush realworldpaint - good for 2d art too. Also does a great job with 3d art but not as good as gimp. I like using this software along with gimp.

This one is very easy to get used to. Working with textures is a breeze for this software. Chasys Draw IES - this software takes alot of getting used to because it has soo many things on it. I will suggest this if you are a little advanced with digital drawing. Beginners might find it very difficult to get used to. It is awesome though. Serif Drawplus Starter edition - This is in the ranks with gimp.

It even comes with tutorials on a side bar in the software. The only time you would pay for it is if you want more features. I have all these softwares and I have used all of them. They are all great to download. Results 1—9 of 9.


PhotoPlus X4 User Guide - Serif

In fact, layers are hardly unique to electronic images. There is still something magical about being able to build up an image in a series of planes, like sheets of electronic glass, each of which can vary in transparency and interact with the layers below to produce exciting new images and colors. This is called the Background layer, and you can think of it as having paint overlaid on an opaque, solid color surface. Each new one appears on top of the currently active layer, comprising a stack that you can view and manipulate with the Layers tab. We call these additional layers standard layers to differentiate them from the Background layer. Standard layers behave like transparent sheets through which the underlying layers are visible. In the example on p.


DrawPlus X4 User Guide

Features[ edit ] Object creation and editing[ edit ] DrawPlus provides a range of object creation and editing tools which are common in other editors, and also offers additional tools [8] Pencil and Paintbrush tools create freehand curves. All of these tools can also be used to manipulate existing curves. Arc, Spiral, and Triangle tools create curves B-Spline tool creates B-Spline curves Context-sensitive Node tool provides control over post-editing objects and nodes. A range of QuickShapes which are predefined simple shapes that can be quickly modified with sliders to adjust certain parameters, for example quickly creating rounded rectangles, etc. Vector Flood Fill tool fills visible areas Eraser tool for intuitive object erasing and manipulation. Knife tool to cut through objects leaving them in multiple, editable pieces.


Serif DrawPlus X4



DrawPlus X4 User Guide


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