I listen to books pretty quickly, as a rule, and this behemoth took me 7 months. Every story has a similar pattern, with a twist at the very end. Eldritch Tales : H. Lovecraft : A courtyard full of corpses that have no hands or heads. Macabe found the first portion, the first third of so, very dry and hard to get into.

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The Alchemist: This is a good story about French characters that are cursed with witchcraft. The Reminiscence of Dr. Samuel Johnson: This story is about the journal and last remaining thoughts of a dying man. The Beast in the Cave: This is a good short story about a beast in a cave, that a man discovers. Despair Poem : Another poem about demons. I will add a bit more detail about them when I have re-read them The Picture in the House: This story is about a picture of grotesque origin and a haunted book about cannibals.

Beyond the Wall of Sleep: A mentally ill man, in an institution is plagued by nightmares that result in his death. He is afraid to sleep, because when he does he dreams, and he has nightmares. The White Ship: The boat in the story is used to travel to strange distant lands. The House Poem : This is a poem about Forgotten memories. The Nightmare Lake Poem : This is a poem about creatures in a lake being devoured. I really liked this story, since I am really interested in Greek Mythology and Artisans of the th Century from all over the world, they are interesting, intelligent people, and they inspire me.

Polaris: This story is about an alien race that exists in a dream world. The Street: This short story was about an ancient street that had a soul, that is affected by a necromancer. Ex Oblivione: This short story was about demons that exist, in a secret place that you can visit but not return from. Facts concerning the late Jermyn and his family: This story is about the Jermyn family. There was madness within the Jermyn family and they all posses obscure facial features.

There was "an object" in a box that was of strange and terrifying origin. The protagonist turned out to not be human, he was of an unknown race, that was not from our world.

The Crawling Chaos With Winifred Virginia Jackson : De Quincey is the main character in the story, he used opium to avoid sentient beings that wished to harm him.

Hypnos: Two people in this story do whatever is possible for themselves to avoid sleep at all costs, no matter what. They both avoid sleep, in the aid of a drug that they both take. Time is dis-proportioned and at a rate that is out of their control and beyond our laws of time and science. What the Moon Brings: A dead sea creature arises from the sea and it is powered by the moon.

Other dead creatures also awaken, whenever the moon glows. Greene : A strange and unique creature is washed ashore, a group of men are curious and go and investigate what it is. However, they get pulled into the water by the strange creature and die, while something is laughing in the background unseen. The Festival: An ancient sea town celebrates forgotten hideous ceremonies during their festival of Yuletide.

They perform hideous rituals and summon demons. The Imperial Navy discovers Atlantis, after the U-boat falls to the bottom of the ocean. One of the crewmen kept a strange coin in his hand most of the time, since he was superstitious.

However whenever a person was in possession of this coin, it had a strange affect on them psychologically. It caused visual hallucinations and drove the crewmen mad. Karl escapes the U-boat, to wander around the ancient crumbling underwater city, he discovers that the temple he found is beckoning people to it, to their death.

Dead creatures are beckoned by the moon. The Moon-Bog: The servants and laborers are disturbed by the moon-bog since that is where the dead are including the protagonist. The moon-bog is illuminated by the moon.

He:This short story is about a man with knowledge of ancient civilizations, that is a guide to a fellow antiquarian. He is also a necromancer and shows off his powers. Festival Poem : This poem is about cannibalistic druids. The Green Meadow With Winifred Virginia Jackson : Fishermen have found a slate rock or meteorite, that contained a strange book inside.

People started chanting in the green meadow. Another character Abel Foster is similar to him, but he is a grave robber.

Claredon sets out to create a cure for the disease black fever, he had good intentions, but along the line he becomes very cruel and evil. He is cruel especially to his animal specimen and eventually to his sister and assistant Surama. The antidote he created for the black fever disease is not yet perfected, so that is why he has animal specimens in cages. It is not quite ready for human testing. Surama his evil assistant that always chuckles is neither living or dead or entirely human when he is killed in a fire, when Dr.

Claredon is bewitched by Surama and the primordial gods that he worships. Surama chuckles at the pain or destruction or others human or animal alike. However the last time he chuckled was when Dr. Claredon said that his sister would be the first human subject for the antidote that he created, even though it would have unstable results and result in her death. When it fails to work he burns all of his specimens, his research. The Wood: This poem is about a wood that has been destroyed, but the dead have awoken upon words that have been spoken there.

The Ancient Track: This poem is about an ancient track that no one knows about except the person that discovered it. The main character needs to retrieve them, so he travels by train, where he notices to his annoyance another person, in the carriage opposite him.

The man notices that the strange passenger is possessively holding a suitcase that contains a strange devise. The man that is holding the suitcase radiates light, but no one ever pays enough attention to notice. The man, wishes to use the other passenger as his first human test subject. The end result of the story was that the man was either never really there or he disappeared completely.

There is also a scroll with written incantations and obscure symbols all over it. People have also disappeared. The land has never been soiled by humans.

A blast of air unveiled a dream world in another reality. The town, that he lives in believes that he is mad. The Trap With Henry S. Whitehead : A teacher posses a strange ancient mirror, one of his students has gone missing and is now stuck in the mirror. There is a portal-lie entrance to the mirror, that sucks people in and traps them there forever, so long as the mirror is still intact they will remain stuck there. The Other Gods: This short story is about elder Gods that miss their land and want it back.

The quest of Iranon: The prince of Iranon, a singer wishes to own the land of his childhood memories. Iranon is supposedly dead, but he still remains at the end of the story.

Thew Challenge from Beyond: This story is about ancient beings that are travelling trans-galactic gulfs of space with their minds.

Azathoth: "Mere walls and windows soon drive a man to madness" Edgar Allan Poe Quote A dreamer glimpses a fascinating world at night time. The Descendant: A man shrieks at the sound of the church bells ringing he lives by himself, and it driven mad by the sound they make. The main character is dying and wishes to avoid all forms of thought, anything that might inspire his imagination is abhorrent to him. Lord Northam is a descendant of an ancient castle, in his mind and soul, he holds the key to other worlds.

The Book: A worm-infested book was discovered in a ancient decaying room. It contained a key or guide, that opened a way to beyond our realm of three dimensions. The man felt as if someone was following him, after he discovered the book. He has no memory who he is, or if he had a family, or even the year that he was alive. His soul was temporarily separated from his body when he was chanting incantations from the book that he found.

This poem is about the arrival of a demon. They refer to him as "him", "it" or the evil clergyman. The other priests are unaware of the grave of the evil clergyman. An object was left on a table and the priest said not to tamper with it. Another person, was curious and they did pick up the object, it hurt his mind and personality till it drove him to insanity and he shot himself.

This man became the evil clergyman, that the other priests are afraid of. The very Old Folk: Strange older mountain folk, that speak very fast perform hideous rituals. Some people have gone missing, these people might have from their tribe and were sacrificed, in their rituals.

People from the tribe have noticed their absence, and they are curious about what happened to them. Tethered horses at the bottom of the mountains screamed as a man killed himself, and a group of centurions were seized by flying demon.

The Thing in the Moonlight: A man unable to speak English coherently suddenly feels the urge to write in English. He was haunted, by a man howling at him in a strange dream-world every time he fell asleep. It might have a been a dream, or it may have been real. Supernatural Horror in Literature: This essay is about influential and possibly lesser know, authors of supernatural horror in literature in the 18thth century and on-wards. Of course Edgar Allan Poe is mentioned among some of the greatest authors of supernatural horror fiction or horror in general.

Some are known to me, while others are of a foreign land so I have not ever heard of them or read their work, but I look forward to discovering new authors of influence in this genre of writing. Afterword-Lovecraft in Britain: This afterword is very informative, as was the information about H. Lovecraft in the Necronomicon.


Eldritch Tales: A Miscellany of the Macabre








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