Champions Log Session If so, why so many wasted feats on armor proficiency? No one knows what their actual form looks like. D02 August 15, Language: They attack as 15 HD monsters, using nets, shields, and ropes of tremendous strength and mass in battle, as well as bludgeoning with their fists. For each Lawful Champion slain. It is covered with peacock-type feathers.

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The hilt itself is embedded with a large spherical ruby that often looks like an eye in official artwork.

The blade is made entirely from an unearthly, vaguely flesh-like black metal, and is etched with mysterious runes so ancient that even Elric lacks the knowledge to decipher them. The runes can sometimes be seen to glow and change colour, cycling from red and purple to blue. The blade is often wreathed in black light and dark fire, and it screams in battle.

Any being slain with Stormbringer will have his or her soul leeched out of them. Perhaps the most unsettling aspect of Stormbringer is the fact that it is alive and self-aware. The sword can be quite vocal, screaming, grumbling, howling, murmuring, moaning, and even singing at times. The Black Sword Edit Stormbringer is a manifestation of the Black Sword , a cosmic archetype that can exist in any world of the Multiverse. In some universes, it manifests in other ways. It has been seen as a black jewel, and even a large humanoid demon.

Powers Edit Stormbringer displays an array of supernatural abilities, many of which are useful to Elric. Moonbeam Portal- Stormbringer, under certain circumstances, is capable of cleaving the fabric of space, opening a portal to the Moonbeam Roads.

Absorb Law- Stormbringer, though naturally an artifact of Chaos , can absorb Lawful energy , turning the blade bright silver and altering its effects. Godslaying- Stormbringer is fully capable of killing gods, even Chaos Lords and Lords of Law , and is greatly feared because of this.

Though it is said that this does not truly destroy the Lords of the Higher Worlds , it just consumes their current manifestations in that world and ensures they cannot return there. To combat the Dead Gods and other powers of Law and Chaos that threatened to tip the scales of the Balance, the Nihrain forged the pieces of the Dragon Sword into the twin Black Swords , Stormbringer and Mournblade, and perhaps their many brothers as well.

But while both blades had the power to absorb vitality as did all Black Swords, Stormbringer was different from the others, because a mysterious power entered the blade at the time it was forged. Various books refer to this malicious entity as a demon, the anti-balance, and Sword. It is a treacherous being, chaotic evil to the core, that hungers for blood and souls and wishes to defy and destroy humanity and the Cosmic Balance.

As a consequence of its influence, Stormbringer caused every Nihrain who handled it to become mass murderers. A court was assembled in the Nihrainian stables to put Stormbringer and its handlers on trial. But Stormbringer caused the judges to go mad and sentence both court and defendants to a terrible death.

In the end, only ten Nihrain remained, including Sepiriz. Stormbringer and Elric Edit "Stay well away from that sword," Smiorgan warned. Stormbringer chose Elric and Mournblade chose Yyrkoon, and the two battled desperately. Elric became aware that Stormbringer was guiding his actions, and with an effort of will, he mastered the blade. Working with the blade and applying his superb swordsmanship skills, Elric disarmed Yyrkoon, defeating him.

Elric would go on to carry Stormbringer as his standard weapon, though he learned to hate it. Stormbringer gave Elric something he never had in life; the ability to live free of his potions and drugs. However, this came at a price.

Stormbringer would supply Elric with the energy and strength he needed to survive, but only by leeching the souls of its victims. Elric would bear the sword he hated throughout the Multiverse, even to the End of Time and the very ending of his world. Eventually, as Elric always knew would happen, Stormbringer turned on Elric and devoured his soul. It transformed into a massive demon, and proclaimed "Farewell, friend.

I was a thousand times more evil than thou!


Elric of Melniboné

Welcome to Stormbringer! It was if they had never been separate. We hope that by doing so we can bring together past players and new fans alike, while generating new material and encouraging ongoing discussion on all editions of these worthy games. Why the Worlds of the Eternal Champion? Good question. There has been vast amounts of quality material created for these great games over the past four decades — the first edition of Stormbringer hit the shelf way back in — and this site is a chance to bring all of this history together in one location.


D&D stats for Elric of Melnibone and other Eternal Champion characters

The novel had about a quarter of the text removed for reasons of length mostly in the second and third novellas and the remaining text rearranged with new bridging material added to make sense of the restructuring. These paperbacks all featured cover art work by the same young artist, Michael Whelan , and helped to define the look of both Elric and his sword Stormbringer. The DAW edition of Stormbringer restored some of the original structure and text compared to the release, but other revisions were performed and other material excised. Both would appear in later collections with "The Last Enchantment" occasionally retitled "Jesting with Chaos".



Bakus Basically, the only stuff added for d20 is a handful of feats, and a new race Half Melnibonean. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Three are no Classes in D20 Elric. Edward Elric Eclipse d20 — The Founders. Earthworks Federation-Apocalypse Session Learn more — opens in a new window or tab. Also, what would his spell list be I wonder?



Stormbringer was first published by Chaosium in The Elric! It was reprinted a number of times, with changes between each printing including depth of box, colour of map and the move from a single rulebook to three manuals. Stormbringer reveals more about my own fantasy books and characters than I could hare guessed! It does not merely derive from the books — it complements them perfectly. The game is delightful.

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