Douktilar Projects with positive cost-benefit outcome are those where the sum of discounted benefits in the economic and financial analysis exceeds the sum of discounted costs cost-benefit surplus. Shifting to a more energy-efficient economy dnergieeffizienzrichtlinie also accelerate the spread of innovative technological solutions and improve the competitiveness of industry in the Union, boosting economic growth and creating high quality jobs in several sectors related to energy efficiency. Member States shall ensure that the National Energy Efficiency Action Plans include the following minimum information: Wird die Anerkennung eines Herkunftsnachweises verweigert, so kann die Kommission einen Beschluss erlassen, um die verweigernde Seite insbesondere aufgrund objektiver, transparenter und nichtdiskriminierender Kriterien zur Anerkennung zu verpflichten. It can be assumed that individual metering of heat consumption in multi-apartment buildings is, nevertheless, technically possible when the installation of individual meters would not require changing the existing in-house piping for hot water heating in the building. Bewertungskriterium ist der Kapitalwert Net Present Value. Die Mitgliedstaaten regeln die Einzelheiten der Bezugnahme.

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Artikel 6 Absatz 1 Buchstabe a. The annual amount of new energy savings achieved through this approach shall be equivalent to the amount of new energy savings required by paragraphs 1, 2 and 3.

Between andthe project carried out a major market consultation. Having regard to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, and in particular Article 2 thereof.

PES is primary energy savings. They represent an enormous energy saving potential for the Union. Viele dieser Hindernisse sind nach energieeffizienzricthlinie vor von Belang.

Energieeffizienz im energiewirtschaftlichen kontext 9. Except in the case of taxes, such notification shall include details of: Member States shall ensure that final customers have the possibility of easy access to complementary information on historical consumption allowing detailed self-checks.

When undertaking modelling exercises, the Commission should consult Member States on model assumptions and draft model results in a timely and transparent manner. Chapter 12 Volume P.

Member States shall require that central government buildings with the poorest energy performance be a priority for energy efficiency measures, where cost-effective and technically feasible. More information and how to change the energeieffizienzrichtlinie can be found here.

High-efficiency cogeneration should be defined by the energy savings obtained by combined production instead of separate production of heat and electricity. Capital costs of the associated energy networks. Where energy audits are carried out by in-house experts, the necessary independence would require these experts not to be directly engaged in the activity audited.

The delegation of power referred to in Article 22 may be revoked at any time by the European Parliament or by the Council. Part 2 General framework for National Energy Efficiency Action Plans National Energy Efficiency Action Plans referred to in Article 24 2 shall provide a framework for the development of national energy efficiency strategies.

Member States shall provide assumptions, for the purpose of the cost-benefit analyses, on the prices of major input and output factors and the discount rate. In the case of the policy measures referred to in the second subparagraph and in Article 20 6this notification shall demonstrate how the criteria in paragraph 10 are met.

Artikel 2 Nummern 24, 29, 44 und Member States may allow producers of electricity from high-efficiency cogeneration wishing to be connected to the grid to issue a call for tender for the connection energleeffizienzrichtlinie. Artikel 3 Buchstaben e und f. For the purpose of the comparison, the thermal energy demand and the types of heating and cooling used by the nearby heat demand points shall be taken into account.

Artikel 18 Absatz 2 Buchstaben a und d. Member States shall evaluate and if necessary take appropriate measures to remove regulatory and non-regulatory barriers to energy efficiency, without prejudice to the basic principles of the property and tenancy law of the Member States, in particular as regards:.

Where heating and cooling or hot water are supplied to a building from a district heating network or from a central source servicing multiple buildings, a heat or hot water meter shall be installed at the heating exchanger or point of delivery. ARBANS TROMPETA PDF Within a given geographical boundary the assessment shall take into account the planned installation and any appropriate existing or potential heat demand points that could be supplied from it, taking into account rational possibilities for example, technical feasibility and distance.

When Member States adopt those provisions, they shall contain a reference to this Directive or be accompanied by such a reference on the occasion of their official publication. In those cases, alternative cost-efficient methods of heat consumption measurement may be considered.

Studies game theory, industrial economics, and applied microeconomics. In the sectors of energieeffizienzrichtkinie heating and hot water in multi-apartment buildings the insufficient clarity of these provisions has also led to numerous complaints from citizens.

To maximise energy savings and avoid energy saving opportunities being missed, the greatest attention should be paid to the operating conditions of cogeneration units. The policy measures referred to in the first subparagraph may include, but are not restricted to, the following policy measures or combinations thereof: The purpose of preparing cost-benefit analyses in relation to measures for promoting efficiency in heating and energieeffizuenzrichtlinie as referred to in Article 14 3 is to provide a decision base for qualified prioritisation of limited resources at society level.

That report shall be accompanied, if appropriate, by proposals for further measures. The requirement to achieve savings of the annual energy sales to final customers relative to what energy sales would have been does not constitute a cap on sales or energy consumption.

Member States shall ensure that any available support for cogeneration is subject to the electricity produced originating from high-efficiency cogeneration and the waste heat being effectively used to achieve primary energy savings. Related Articles



Artikel 6 Absatz 1 Buchstabe a. The annual amount of new energy savings achieved through this approach shall be equivalent to the amount of new energy savings required by paragraphs 1, 2 and 3. Between andthe project carried out a major market consultation. Having regard to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, and in particular Article 2 thereof.


Richtlinie 2012/27/EU (Energieeffizienz-Richtlinie)

Dit The cost-benefit analysis shall be based on a description of the planned installation and the comparison installation scovering electrical and thermal capacity, as applicable, fuel type, planned usage and the number of planned operating hours annually, location and electricity and thermal demand. Artikel 18 Absatz 1 Buchstabe d Ziffer i. Member States may exempt individual installations from being required, by the authorisation and permit criteria referred to in paragraph 7, to implement options whose benefits exceed their costs, if there are imperative reasons of law, ownership or finance for so doing. For savings in kWh electricity Member States may apply a default coefficient of 2,5. To tap the energy savings potential in certain market segments where energy audits are generally not offered commercially such as small and medium-sized enterprises SMEsMember States should develop programmes to encourage SMEs to undergo energy audits. Regulations specifying the inclusion of equivalent requirements in any subcontracting with third parties.




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