Sometimes server may upgrade old ODS to some newer one, without notification. This can lead to the impossibility of returning to the version back. For example, if you open a database with ODS 8. So, the minor upgrade of ODS makes incompatible databases within same major server version.

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Example ODS on-disk structure version is a number representing version of the database low-level data layout structure ODS. When a new feature is added to Firebird it might or might not require the structure of database pages or system tables database metadata to change.

If it does, the ODS version must increase. For example, when you try to connect with a 1. Firebird 2. However Firebird 3. The ODS version, as reported by user tools, shows with which server version the database was created, e.

Except for Firebird 0. Back then it was expected Interbase be kept opensource and re-use Firebird project code. However, with Interbase 6. IB 7 would not open FB 2 database and vice versa - they have different internal formats ODS , while both now separate projects gave them the same version number. NOTE 2: with Firebird version 1. Databases created with bit and with bit builds of Firebird 1.

Starting with FB 2. If gstat will not understand read information, it will show corresponding message — what it expected, and what it found. If you only have remote connection to the server and you can log into the database, but you have no access to the database file itself, then starting with Firebird 2.


All Firebird and InterBase On-Disk-Structure (ODS) versions

Voorbeeld De ODS-versie op de schijfstructuur is een nummer dat de versie van de database-indeling voor laag gegevensniveau ODS vertegenwoordigt. Als dit het geval is, moet de ODS-versie worden verhoogd. Wanneer u bijvoorbeeld probeert verbinding te maken met een 1. Firebird 2. Firebird 3. Behalve Firebird 0.


What is ODS version and how to retrieve it?

Important Note for Developers and Users of Data Access Drivers and Tools This change will affect any of the listed DPB parameters that have been explicitly set, either by including them in the DPB implementation by default property values or by enabling them in tools and applications that access databases as ordinary users. Yemanov, A. Peshkov The API header file, ibase. Karyakin, D. Yemanov The new feature extends the WAIT mode by making provision to set a finite time interval to wait for the concurrent transactions. The number corresponds to the appropriate Firebird version.

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