Cheryl Hager This is not an answer, but a question related to the OP question. They just leave you hanging. Those cliffhanger books I never finish, because of the length gabrielov pakao time between releases.? Load 5 more questions. Change the endings up some. This one has stuck with me, even a year or so later.

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Here it goes. The Passages "Gabriel brought his hand up slowly so as not to spook her and gently caressed her cheek. A horse? Dont cry, little Rabbit. Um, Paul is a total creep. But Julia didnt want to be keyed.

And then a few paragraphs down. Julia turned away, ashamed of The only way I know how to describe how bad this book was is to share a few passages with you and give you my feedback. First and most obvious to me was the word keyed. I know this takes place in Canada, but both main characters are American.

Not knowing what being keyed meant in Canadian I went to trusty Urbandictionary. Definition 1: High on marijuana. Definition 2: when ones vehicle or other expensive possession becomes defaced by someone scraping off the paint with their own set of keys. Well this is definitely something I wanted to do to her face after the first fifty pages.

Definition 3: Getting completely fucked up through the use of both alcohol and marijuana. But maybe she was ducking quick shots from her bottle of cheap tequila, again. This is Paul again, by the way. What is it with him and kids?! I love you. Beatrice, or whatever the heck her name is, found it necessary to tidy herself up a bit after Gabriel lost control of his reflexes during a drinking episode and vomited all over her.

The last time my ex-boyfriend got the urge to regurgitate I made a point of staying the hell out of his way and you better believe he did not get the cuddle treatment afterwards. This is not something I want to be in the middle of. The sobbing throughout this book made me ill, a feeling Julia experienced every time someone exposed her to anything sexual in nature.

At least we both have the ability to become ill in common. Now keep in mind as we reread this passage and our hearts are aflutter, Gabriel is still very much inebriated during this conversation. This coming from our little tart who drinks on the sly? I mean she is, after all, so smart she got admitted to Harvard. This keister phrase, btw, was used twice.

But who am I to judge. Or at least, what Julia imagined sex would sound like…Oh my, Gabriel. Oh my, Gabriel.

He tensed beneath her lips, no doubt in shock at her boldness. Maybe because everyone has the maturity level of a 12 year old. This is not a Paul quote, btw. She did not know why he had spoken to her like that or why he had chosen that moment to confess. Nevertheless, she knew him well enough to know that the repeated lyric was a confession of his deepest and perhaps darkest intentions and not just a mindless repetition.

What the hell did I just read? The only thing this girl is shaking right now is her head. This whole scene is referring the Nine Inch Nails song, Closer. Something visually that I did not care for in this paragraph was the use of italics, which is overused in general in this book. Overuse of these devices can tend to lessen their impact to the reader, leaving them with a choice.

Thus begs the question, was this device even necessary to begin with? Too many blasted different languages in this blasted book. He smashed a metal chair. It was gently erotic and almost tender. How the heck does she remember specifically which photograph this is and where it was hanging?! She is so censorious and judgmental. Like a rose. Just like a rose, opening her petals. Apparently incredibly lame! Any blossoming had now been completely undone. No one forces you to feel anything.

Those feelings are something within you and no one but you can control them. With that said, could this chick get just a little more anemic please? So there. Give me a break, please! This chick is so frigid, I swear. I actually had to look up the name for this one since the author did not provide it for once. It would please me if you would just eat the damn pizza. I tried not to look. I think I know something more obscure than the author. Piaf to drag you into this! I am not one of them.

And what, may you ask was our dear Julianne so broken about? There is nothing healthy to be learned from this book unless you include the prologue where Beatrice leaves Dante standing on the road like a fool. If your ideal future life involves codependency and psychological abuse, please, be my guest, read this book and add to the rave reviews it has received thus far.

It has most assuredly not gained any esteem from me.


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