If he does not win any kind of challenge, he will feel intense physical agony, extreme pain for days. Harpies are much stronger and much deadlier than Lords. Her extra personal strength comes from the control of fire. One word for him: WIN!

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I studied philosophy, poetry, history, the occult, and the art and science of love and magic. I learned all about ancient races and bygone times. About myths and legends and dreams of all people through the millennium. And the more I read the stronger my imagination grew until I discovered that I was able to travel into the stories I wish I could say that I listened to my teacher and respected my gift, as I ought to have.

If I had, I would not be telling you this tale now. But I was foolhardy and confused, showing off with bravery. Something went wrong with my efforts. I arrived in the midst of the story and somehow exchanged places with Scheherazade — a phenomena that had never occurred before and that still to this day, I cannot explain.

Now I am trapped in that ancient past. Every night the King calls for me and listens as I spin tales. And when the evening ends and dawn breaks, I stop at a point that leaves him breathless and yearning for more. And so the King spares my life for one more day, so that he might hear the rest of my dark tale. As soon as I finish a story I begin a new one Prologue Dear Legion, First, thanks tons for going into hiding outside the mortal world. I got to hunt you down big, bad wolf style—my favorite kind of hunting.

Even better, you shacked up in an ancient realm without Wi-Fi. Now I get to communicate with you via robo-pigeons. Yay for me. Decorating hack: repurpose the robo-pigeons as knickknacks to create a steampunk vibe.

Not so I can watch you through the eye-cams. TONE: dry as a desert mixed with a dash of frothing-at-the-mouth rage. Clear as crystal? Or mud? News flash: I like the old Legion. Did we just find a winner? The old you gifted me with your virginity in a bar bathroom five minutes after meeting me. Or was it four? I always forget. Sure, you only slept with me so you could savagely murder me after I got you off, thereby protecting Aeron, the man you truly desired.

And yeah, okay, I probably deserve a couple dozen more murder attempts because I later abducted your pregnant friend in an unethical-ish power play. But every couple has their issues, right? Can you say the same? All I need from you is a yes. I know you were hurt and abused in the worst ways. TONE: soft as a damn feather.

If you really want to hurt the ones who hurt you, embrace happiness. Please, give me a chance to get to know the new you. A chance to help you heal, if I can. I think about you constantly, dream about you every night, and crave you every second of every day. Instead, I have to settle for laying photos of their decapitated heads upon your desk. Sorry, but gift exchanges are against Galen-policy. Two ways. Maybe I should just stick with the classic—Legion. Sure, the fiend bunks inside my head with his good pal, Jealousy, and the two bastards love to build me up and tear me down, but come on!

And not an old, decrepit one, either, but a real smoke show. Admit it.


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