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I read it over a period of 2 or 3 years. I would read a paragraph or two at a time, or sometimes a few pages, and then try to digest it. In this book, Ouspensky meets up with Gurdjieff, a self-professed esoteric teacher.

There is a good deal of debate as to whether or not the latter was an authentic teacher or a charlatan. It seems he was some of both and Ouspensky broke with him in the end. It also seems that Gurdjieff got most This is another book that totally changed the way I view the world. It also seems that Gurdjieff got most of his teachings from the Sufis. Nonetheless, I find him and his teachings quite fascinating. There is also a book by the same name which is quite dense and dry, though also interesting.

Most people do not progress beyond this and it becomes a hindrance because it rarely applies. Physical evolution only takes us so far and we must consciously evolve ourselves beyond this point. This way is "against god". In other words, we can all exist quite well without becoming truly conscious, just going about our lives in the ordinary way.

We must go against much in our lives to become truly conscious. This latter property is not what most people mean when they use this word. Few people are actually truly conscious, which is something like being fully aware of ourselves at all times, not being lulled into stupors by our lives.

This is because our minds are split into many different factions based on our feelings. Essentially the unity we think we possess is an illusion supported by buffers between the different parts that prevent harsh collisions. In this sense we are not one person but many, which explains how we can react in ways seemingly contrary to our previous convictions. There is no real basis for negative emotions and these drain us of the energy needed to become conscious.

We actually require higher emotional energy to become conscious, and negative emotions drain us of this. All-in-all this book is quite good because Ouspensky tells the story of his search for, meeting and breaking with this enigmatic character. He learns some intriguing things but still ends up confused in the end, without the final answers he longed for.


Frammenti di un insegnamento sconosciuto — Libro



Frammenti di un insegnamento sconosciuto




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