Durn For more than years Catlogue has been at the forefront of fluid power technology providing design, engineering, and material expertise for technically challenging and critical applications thanks to a wide portfolio of materials including Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFEPolyurethane AUnitrile rubbers NBR and Fluoroelastomers FKM. The comprehensive range of Hallite standardised and bespoke seals has allowed the company to establish itself as a recognised leader in hydraulic seal technology and serve a variety of clients across several industries such as construction and infrastructure; mining; aerospace; agriculture; oil halliye gas fluid power; and general industry and material handling applications. With diameters from 1mm 0. Hallite Seals International Products: Issue February As a global player, Hallite operates across five continents and works with the best-in-class international and regional OEMs and hydraulic cylinder manufacturers by providing first-class commitment to engineering experience. All Hallite locations have dedicated engineering teams to help our customers chose the most appropriate profile, material and dimension for the required application in their language and time zone. To this end Hallite will continue to draw on its competitive advantages to drive the business forward throughout and beyond.

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Pacific Seals Catalogues Click on each catalogue to view and download. We have pain-stakingly crafted our range of O-Rings, Wipers and Piston seals into catalogues. Wiper Catalogue Hydraulic cylinders operate in a variety of applications and environmental conditions, including exposure to dust, debris or outside weather conditions.

To prevent these contaminants from entering the cylinder assembly and hydraulic system, wiper seals also known as scrapers, excluders or dust seals are fitted on the external side of the cylinder head. Wiper seals maintain sealing contact to the piston rod when the equipment is both stationary and in use. Thishelps to make sure foreign contaminants can not enter the cylinder when the piston is retracting.

Single Acting Piston Seals Catalogue Piston Seals or Piston Rings are used in hydraulic cylinders for fluid sealing and are designed to ensure that pressurised fluid does not leak across the cylinder head as the system pressure pushes the piston down the cylinder bore.

The choice of piston seal is decided by the way in which the cylinder operates. For a cylinder which is exclusively single-acting, capable of sealing dynamic pressure from one side unidirectional , it is always best to choose the type of seal designed to provide optimum sealing qualities for single-acting functions. Double Acting Piston Seals Catalogue Double acting cylinders are the most widely used cylinder types.

They operate via pressure acting on both sides of the piston, and therefore require double-acting seal arrangements. Double acting piston seals have a symmetrical profile and identical sealing functions in both directions. Typically, double-acting piston seals consist of a sealing ring and an energizer.

The deformation of the elastomeric energizer when installed provides adequate force to keep the sealing ring in dynamic sealing contact with the cylinder bore, while itself sealing statically against the seal housing groove. Imperial O-Ring Chart.


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