Matrices are used in many fields such as statistics, econometrics, mathematics, natural sciences and engineering. They provide a concise, simple method for describing long and complicated computations. This is a comprehensive handbook and dictionary of terms for matrix theory. From the Publisher: Matrices are used in many areas such as statistics, econometrics, mathematics, natural sciences and engineering. This handbook provides a collection of numerous results for easy reference in one source, together with a comprehensive dictionary of matrices and related terms. The book is structured and cross-referenced so that specific results and information are easy to locate.

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The test schedule is as follows: Test 1: Thursday October 5. Test 2: Thursday November 9. Final Exam: Friday, December 8, - pm. Homework Assignments There will be weekly Assignment Sets.

All work handed in must be stapled together. No late submissions will be accepted. Set 0 due Thurs Aug 31 : 2. Set 1 due Thurs Sep 7 : Hwk 1. Set 2 due Thurs Sep 14 : Hwk 2. Set 3 due Thurs Sep 21 : Hwk 3. Set 4 due Thurs Sep 28 : Hwk 4. Test 1 Thurs Oct 5. Set 5 due Thurs Oct 12 : Hwk 5. Set 6 due Thurs Oct 19 : Hwk 6. Set 8 due Thurs Nov 2 : Hwk 8. Test 2 Thurs Nov 9. Set 9 due Thurs Nov 16 : 7. Set 10 due Tue Nov 28 : Hwk Set 11 due Tue Dec 5 : Hwk Handouts Course notes.

Software I will use R as the primary software tool. SAS is also recommended. Some assignments will require extensive use of a software package of your choice.

Policies Collaboration. My specific policies are as follows. Tests: Any form of collaboration in tests, including trying to see what the person next to you is writing, is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated.

Class Attendance. Your attendance alone will not impact your grade, but missing exams and assignments will. Whether an absence is excused or unexcused is determined solely by me, with the exception of absences due to religious observance and officially approved trips see below.

Make-up Exams: These may be granted in exceptional circumstances if you provide me with a valid excuse such as a note from a physician, an obituary, etc. A student who intends to observe a religious holy day should make that intention known in writing to the instructor prior to the absence.

A student who is absent from classes for the observance of a religious holy day shall be allowed to take an examination or complete an assignment scheduled for that day within a reasonable time after the absence. A student who is excused may not be penalized for the absence; however, the instructor may respond appropriately if the student fails to complete the assignment satisfactorily.

The instructor so notified must not penalize the student, although the student is responsible for material missed. Students absent because of university business must be given the same privileges as other students.

Illness and Death Notification. Generally, in cases of student illness or immediate family deaths, the notification to the appropriate campus community members occur when a student is absent from class for four 4 consecutive days with appropriate verification.

The student is encouraged to contact the faculty member immediately regarding the absences and to provide verification afterwards. The notification is provided as a courtesy. Any student who, because of a disability, may require special arrangements in order to meet the course requirements should contact the instructor as soon as possible to make any necessary arrangements. Please note: instructors are not allowed to provide classroom accommodations to a student until appropriate verification from Student Disability Services has been provided.

For additional information, please contact Student Disability Services in West Hall or call Civility in the Classroom. It is expected that everyone will behave in a manner that is conducive to learning. One common disruption is phones. Please turn these off in class. It is the aim of the faculty of Texas Tech University to foster a spirit of complete honesty and high standard of integrity.

The attempt of students to present as their own any work not honestly performed is regarded by the faculty and administration as a most serious offense and renders the offenders liable to serious consequences, possibly suspension.


Review of Handbook of Matrices, HELMUT LUTKEPOHL



Handbook of Matrices



Lutkepohl H. Handbook of Matrices


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