Hydrophore tanks Abbott hydrophore tanks A hydrophore system is used in tall buildings and marine environments to pump, store and supply water at a regulated controlled pressure and somethines temperature This may be as part of on board ship drinking water, diesel engine cooing water system or fire fighting system. Abbott hydrophore tanks are built to pressure vessel design codes to meet the relevant legislation These marine hydrophore vessel might use PD or ASME as the design code to meet and satisfy LLoyds Marine Class approval Lloyds class 1,2 or 3 , Det Norske Veritas DNV or the American Bureau of Shipping ABS to be used used in the fresh water or gray water system to maintain pressure in the system, they may also be used to pressurise the fire figting ring main. They can work using a compressor to maintain the compressed air in the top half of the hydrophore tank, using pressure switrches and level gauges, alternatively a rubber menmbrane may be incorporated to separate the air from the water to prevent the water from being absorbed. The buffer of compressed air means that a pump can run periodically to maintain the system pressure. This means the uppermost areas of the ship or building can use the water with instant pressure without the pump having to switch on every occasion.

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Relief valve Charging Procedure Charging the hydrophore system is a simple process of adding more compressed air to pressurize the hydrophore tank. Generally the hydrophore tank is under auto mode; which controls the cut-in and cut-out pressure of hydrophore pumps.

But to charge the system manually; first open the vent, start the pump and watch the level through sight glass. Close the vent and open the low pressure air supply valve.

Quick Charge the hydrophore tank up to it reach 4. Once its at 4. Avoid overcharging, otherwise air will came out of the taps with water. Now transfer the system on auto. Now the pump will cut-in when the pressure reach 4. In small ships or industries with small hydrophore the system may be required to cut in at 2.

Make sure the water is always visible through the gauge glass throught the operation. This means air is leaking from either; relief valve, isolation valve, air supply valve, vent valve or the gauge glass itself. The situation can be found with no water supply at the accommodation top. Solution Temporarily you can fix this problem by switching pump to manual and drain the excess water or utilizing in engine room.

Once the pressure reach 4. But for long term solution you have to apply soap solution on all joints and key leak point. Once leak detected stop and DE-pressurize the system and rectify the fault. This means there is a leak in air supply line or the valve itself slowly filling tank with more and more air.

The situation can result into no water in hydrophore tank in some cases and thus be reacted quickly with care. Solution At first fix this problem temporarily by crack open the vent valve and letting some air go. Then when the air pressure is 4. Make sure that the pump cutoff at 5. In long run prepare the system to be DE-pressurize; open air supply valve and overall it. Open your air supply valve and pressurize tank up till 5.

Make sure to watch that the pump cut-in and cutoff at the desired pressure next time. Also Read:.


Marine Hydrophore System

FN-SAL-S 1, KB The Firenor hydrophore system is a safety system designed to prevent pressure surges in the firewater distribution piping that occur when a deluge system or any other water consuming systems release water before fire water pumps are up and running. When a high flow firewater consumer starts before the fire water pumps, water is drained from the highest points of the ring main. This drain results in a vacuum in the upper levels of the ring main. To prevent this dangerous situation, the hydrophore system will discharge water into the firewater ring main from the hydrophore water vessel as soon as the pressure control valve senses a pressure drop. This pressurizes the pipes and practically preventing the risk of a pressure surge by preventing the vacuum from ever forming. Pressure in the water vessel are maintained by an air cylinder rack with a booster pump that refills after each use. The release and reset mechanisms for all parts of the hydrophore system are fully automatic.


Hydrophore system

Marine Hydrophore system In ships ,fresh water is used for various purposes, like cooking, drinking, cleaning etc. It is capable of performing an array of actions including pumping, storing and supplying fresh water at a regular ,controlled pressure in marine ships. Why hydrophore system is mandatory onboard? Hope you know that the demand of freshwater is different in different parts of the ship ranging from minimum consumption of freshwater to the maximum. Here lies the significance of hydrophore.


Fresh Water Hydrophore System in Ship


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