Since the output is driven by a TRIAC we can drive loads upto V and the triac can conduct in both directions hence controlling AC loads will not be a problem. It also has a decent rise and fall time and hence can be used to control the output voltage. Since the output is controlled we can control the intensity of the light or the speed of a AC motor. So if you are looking for a opto-isolator to control a AC application through DC then this IC might be the right choice for you. They are normally connected to another power switch like a Triac in our case, this TRIAC will be able to provide enough current to drive the loads and will be controlled using the opto-coupler.

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It is present within the IC. The external switches are connected to Pin 4 and 6. The output will be flow only when the input is HIGH. First, take a look at the given circuit. But when we use the IC just for on and off function then the bulb will work properly but in case of dimmer, the bulb will keep blinking due wave nature of AC current. In the case of giving the different magnitude of the output, we will need to use the zero-cross with PC In high load when the high load will generate the reverse current then it could pass through the TRIACS but it cannot harm the controller due to IR communication.

The transistor will be used to turn on the MOIC The variable resistor will be able to adjust the LDR sensitivity. In the end, the following circuit will be formed in the end. In the start circuit will not be in working, we will need to adjust the LDR sensitivity through a resistor.

After that change, the sensitivity of the sun then witnesses the output on LAMP. The lamp will start glow and then again increase the frequency then LAMP will turn off. This automatic night switch is very benefited for saving energy and physical movement.

Everything will be work in a flow but here this whole communication between low voltage and high voltage devices happened only due to MOC It has the ability to perform to take the low voltage signal and control high voltages through it without any relay but due to safety issues, it is preferred to use the external TRIACS or relays.

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