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Ganitham calculation 2. Samhitha 3. Hora Again divided in to 6 divisions 1. Jathakam Horoscope 2. Golakam 3. Nimitham 4. Hence for preparing Jathakam time of birth and place of birth is very important. Particularly in Deva prassanam and Ashtamangalya prassanam. It helps to know the root of cause. Jyothisham is known as the eye of Veda. Apart from this 9 planets Kerala jyothisham gives or consider a vary important role to Gulika Mandi 1.

Adithya Sun 2. Chatra moon , 3. Chovva Mars-Kuja 4. Rahu Sarppa 5. Guru Jupiter , 6. Sani Saturn , 7. Buda Mercury , 8. Kethu Sikhi , 9. Sukra Venus. Aswathy 2. Bharani 3. Kartika 4. Rohini 5. Makeeriyam 6. Thiruvathira 7. Punartham 8. Pooyam 9. Ayilyam Makam Pooram Utharam Atham Chithira Chothi Visakam Anizham Thirikettaka Moolam Pooradam Utharadam Thiruvonam Avittam Chayatham Pooruruttathi Uthrithdi Apart from this there is one star named Abhijith. Medam 2.

Edavam 3. Midhunam 4. Karkidakam 5. Chingam 6. Kanni 7. Thulavam 8. Virchikam 9. Dhanu Makaram Kumbam Not only that past ,future and present life can also be predicted. There are 12 Bhavams in Jathakam and Prassanam 1. Panthirandam Bhavam 12th Bhavam :-Sin, Spending, Hell-Worthiness, Left eye, Demotion, Deformity, Ugly look, etc I hope now you have got an idea about Navagraha, stars Nakshatra Rasi, Bhavam etc Now if you want to make your Horoscope or your children or any of your friends just email the following details 1.

Date of birth Both in English and Malayalam 3. Place of Birth. Day of Birth Sunday, Monday etc 5. Name of star if you know 6. Fathers name 8. Posted by.


Telugu Jatakam, 100 సం.ల తెలుగు జాతకం

Ganitham calculation 2. Samhitha 3. Hora Again divided in to 6 divisions 1. Jathakam Horoscope 2. Golakam 3.

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