This can be identified by a thorough horoscope analysis performed by an expert astrologer. However, this can analysis can sometimes go haywire if the time of birth or date of birth is wrong. Do you suffer from Kaal Sarp yog? So how does one identify if they suffer from Kaal Sarp Yoga or not? They are: If one has Kaal Sarp Yoga in their natal chart or horoscope, then they often see images of dead people in their dreams.

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This time the remaining planets are all present in the left side of the axis. This phenomenon is also called the Vipareeta Kaal Sarp Yog. This phase is very bad for marital life. So, individuals who are affected by this dosh would suffer from stress, anxiety and inferiority complex. The truth is that people affected by this tend to get married late. These natives have to work excessively hard for the betterment of their career and enhancement of personality.

There are times when there is lot of emotional upheaval leading to insanity and the native endures emotional pains and wish to leave the worldly pleasures. Individuals who opt for lottery, earning money from interest and share market endure excessive losses, the one that is irreparable.

Thus, the financial status is overall very weak and always suffering from physical problems. The person is in total mental and physical unrest, it affects his entire life. He falls prey to conspiracy, court cases and social defamation. Their life is like a roller coaster, lots of ups and downs. These people are not harmful at all but very troubled from inside. In extreme cases, a very strong effect of Ananth Kaal Sarpa dosh is combined with other malefic planets.

This can cause lot of harm to the individual making him a total addict and an intoxicated person. He may even pass away at a very young age. For instance, if Rahu is positioned in the first house of Cancer horoscope, ketu sits in the seventh house of the horoscope Capricorn, Sun resides in the fourth house of Libra with Mercury. Saturn is placed in the third house of the same horoscope in Virgo sign then there are chances that the person would become a drug addict. Kulik Kaal Sarp Dosh Kulik Kaal Sarp Dosh — Rahu is placed in the second house and Ketu is positioned in the eighth house and all the other planets lie in the natal horoscope.

There are possibilities of accidents and losses, true that health would always be an issue. There is even lack of financial prosperity for an individual affected by this dosh so suffers from insecurity. You must note that there are chances of defamation as well. An individual affected by this dosh does average in academics and leads a partially happy married life.

He faces lot of hurdles and mainly faces cheating and has lot of problems in getting kids after marriage. With so much struggles and grief, his nature and moral value sinks and looks much older than his age.

He has no courage or chivalry at all, just so stooped down in grief. He only succeeds to some extent due to his hardworking nature. The individual is not usually good terms with other family members.

He needs to struggle exceptionally to get established in life and get recognition. There could be fits of fortune and misfortune, lots of ups and downs. His relatives and friends always try to cheat and trap. He lacks mental peace and suffers from different ailments. He has heavy expenses and his financial position is also extremely unstable. He has to make immense efforts but success is not guaranteed. When moon is troubled, his mental health is shaken and disturbed. This sort of planetary condition compels him to suffer losses and legal matters.

His career is disturbed as well. The native is deprived of domestic harmony, comfort and happiness in general. He stays troubled in all walks of life, mainly personal. The individual needs to undergo immense struggle when it comes to education and children. He is emotionally drained and very insecure because most do not love him. There are chances of falling prey to extra marital relationships, be very careful.

There are lots of chances of being betrayed by people around you. If the moon is restless, he might be disturbed by spirits. He might fall ill and takes lot of time to recover. Mahapadam Kaal Sarp Dosh Mahapadam Kaal Sarp Dosh — Rahu seats in the 6th house and Ketu takes 12th The individual is surrounded by enemies, mainly secret ones and is affected by a number of diseases.

He faces problems related to occupation. He might develop an inclination to foul play with land, law and get into serious issues and troubles.

The person affected gets extremely speculative and has tendency of losing wealth and fame due to liquor, women and gambling. There is no marital bliss in his life and faces difficulty is every step or phase of life. He is not good to start a partnership trade and must not go into a love relationship. The native has lot of enemies and loses his temper frequently.

He is more prone to living life like and with anti-socials. He is mostly deprived from paternal wealth and drowns in ill habits like excessive smoking, drinking and abuse. He entirely falls in a bad company due to this dosh.

He will suffer from health issues and there are chances of accidents. These sufferers have immense ups and downs in life. They cultivate the habit of telling lies and get angry soon. Progress is hindered by ill luck and he does not have healthy relationships.

Law related cases are very common in his life and the results can be strict punishment. Professional life is not very stable and can get into office related troubles. Their life is usually unhappy and career is not good at all. Here the main problem initiated from kids and the first half of their life is not a peace at all. Education of the individual and giving birth in cases of women are hampered. There are chances that his good name might get spoilt in the society. These natives are very selfish and are most likely to fall in trouble related to litigation.

Health will always be in turmoil and would be settled in a very far away place in life. If all the houses located in between Ketu and Rahu have planets positioned, then the dosh is very effective.

If the Sun or the moon is there along with ketu or Rahu, the dosh is dangerous. This one is the most powerful among all types of dosh. An individual who is affected by this grahan kaal sarp yog should see an astrologer soon, very soon for effective remedies. Whatever the dosh maybe, get in touch a famous astrologer in Delhi.

The effects of Kaal Sarpa Dosh in details Bad effects on health and mind — Kaal Sarp Dosh have ill effects on a persons mind and physical health. They are mainly never physically fit and strong, most of the time sick with prolonged illness and feeble. They lack entire mental peace, confidence, gets stressed unnecessarily and an individual can lose mental stability while dealing with personal relationships.

Ill effects on education and profession — They are not strong in education and fail in examinations. They seem less interested in higher education and there is least motivation for learning. There is basically no consistency in this field, career is destructive, no promotion and all so unlucky. Harmful effects on love life and marriage — There is betrayal and failure in love because the dosh never lets you succeed.

Even after marriage, the relationship is not very good and mainly there is lot of delay in marriage. Married life is stressed, devoid of excitement, no romance and no good sexual life. There is extreme disharmony and difficulty in having children. Sometimes there is a divorce at the end. Unlucky effects on wealth and prosperity — There is no financial stability and prosperity. There can be extreme poverty and you might be pushed into debt.

Life becomes very stressful when there is lack of wealth. Everything depends on the result of our karmas and this holds very true for this kal sarpa dosh. In one life if a person has killed or harmed any innocent animal, the individual will suffer from kal sarpa dosh in his kundali. You cannot implement remedies all by yourself, visit astrologer to know the type of dosh and a customized remedy that would suit the best. This puja is mainly performed in the Trimbakeshwar and the kalahasti temple.

There are expericned pundits who know the entire norms of performing this puja. Austerities If you find out that the Lord of first, fifth and the ninth house are not overpowering the evil houses while you are affected with this dosh, you need to perform a specific puja. You can also along with this choose to do a pilgrimage to Rameshwaram and bathe in the holy waters. Sarp Raj Puja Purchase silver or any other metal statue of Sarp Raj having five heads and keep it in the altar at home.

You can place in on uncooked rice and apply turmeric paste on the deity. There are so many astrologers are earning huge sum by making a business out of this Kaal Sarp Dosh. Fake astrologers are linking all problems in human life to this Kaal Sarp Dosh. They suggest extremely costly remedies like wearing gold, donating snake made from gold or silver and many other ridiculous stuffs. They do not go by ethics or morals instead only focus on money making by falsehood.


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