No Sacrifice Sacrifice With the evaulation broken down into so many different sections you can easily realize which parts of your chess game are already strong and what still needs work. Khmelnitsky does a great job with the various charts and statistical analysis to provide you with a clear and accurate assessment of your overall chess game. This is really the best part of the book. Owning a copy of this book is just like having your own personal chess coach. And generally 1 lesson with a hired chess coach would cost the same price as the whole book!

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Up to now most are just collections of positions grouped by type of maneuver or some notion of difficulty. Yours is the first to try to analyze the wrong moves and why people pick them. I thought it was well written and I find how you work out the statistics very good and I believe that most of them are pretty much correct to my playing skill. But it is very helpful and I really enjoy the Chess Exam books. The book follows closely the model of your first book with a focus on tactics.

In each case the problems are well chosen with an ability to instruct as well as entertain. I spend a lot of time doing tactics problems in books and online because I know this is an area that I need to improve in and I am pleased to say that all your chosen problems were unfamiliar to me no small accomplishment! Many of them contained tactical elements that I had seen before but used in new and instructive ways which taught me things about those tactical elements that had heretofore eluded me.

This is not a book for beginners, but it does fill a real need to bridge the gap between tactics problems and the problems faced when playing a chess game. The natural follow-up to his award winning Chess Exam, volume II is an impressive assortment of highly instructive, and entertaining!


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