TO KKS It is to be used by all engineering disciplines for planning, licensing, construction, operation and maintenance. The KKS, or sections thereof, can be combined with other identification systems in order to meet additional identification requirements. The Application Commentaries are supplements to the KKS Guidelines and are intended to give assistance in use of the identification system.

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X special structures, Y bridge structures, Z ducting structures. H — Conventional heat generation Physically separate rooms in structures are identified by numbering, grid squares in the outdoor area by coordinates. N — Process energy supply for external users e. Identification of the functional groups involved in process-related tasks so as to relate them to the principal task concerned may be performed by using the alpha characters in F Structure-related identification is expedient where different systems are held by shared supports.

The result was a series of operations whose sequence was often irrational. The additional code is used for the numbering of: A standard designation system enables each party, irrespective of language and assignment, to identify uniformly and unambiguously, those parts of the plant within its responsibility. Main machine sets Given the possibilities shown in the table, it is not practicable to meet all possible requirements for identification of discrete process-related function e.

Introduction Identification System is based on the Kraftwerk — Kennzeichen — System KKS This System is the basis for the standard and clear identification of all installations and subsystems in power plant. Where signals or measured data are used to limit or suppress the original measured data, the processed output signals retain the code of the original measured data.

Control and instrumentation equipment which serves more than one main group may be identified under main group C for control and instrumentation, e. Identification in data character A2 is governed by the physical variable.

Introduction Breakdown level 1 System function Serial no. Introduction The table below shows the designation and type of data characters used for equipment unit code. Steam, water, gas cycles CJA common to H. L — Steam, water, gas cycles There are also cases of deviations consisting in using the dividing symbol twice, and AN, e. FN numbering is governed by the following principles: Numbering starts anew when one of the preceding code elements changes.

E — Binary and analog signal and variable conditioning Junction Boxes On breakdown level 1, junction boxes receive the code of the structure and floor on which they are installed.

Steam system common to LA. Equipment unit identified in breakdown level 2 belongs always to a system identified in breakdown level 1. System code System code consists of three letters and two digits. Numbering begins anew for each structure. YB81 XB82 Auto; close, down Supply systems which serve only one equipment unit are identified on an equal footing as subsystems of the system in which they are installed.

QCU Central chemical supply free for use e. Originally the titles of the breakdown levels were based on the process-related code: It is not siemebs to use any other letters. Special structures, ducting structures are designated in main group F1 with coding letter U and in subgroup F3 with following coding letters: For this purpose, data character B1 can contain: Equipment unit code consists of 2 letters data characters A1 and A23 digits data characters AN and sometimes 1 letter data character A3 which can be, and often is omitted.

Fictitious rooms in structures may be identified by numbering k,s coordinate systems. Room Code The room code serves to identify physically separate and fictitious rooms in structures and in the outdoor area. The grid sizes and the meaning and type of the data characters A or N are subject to agreement between the parties to the project.

This is subject to agreement between the parties to the project. Assignment of System Codes to Mechanical Equipment and Measuring Circuits Equipment units are identified according to the system within the interfaces of which they are located.

AK over a separate position code is to be established, e. Redundant zeros must be written e. Remember me on this computer. EA — Conditioning of signals related to functional control group. Kraftwerk codde Kennzeichen — System KKS was published in 1st edition by the VGB and is now the basis for the designation of installations and subsystems in power plants. Requirements to be met by the Identification System To perform the set tasks the Identification system must be capable of satisfying the following requirements: F — Indirect measuring circuits On breakdown level 2, the individual windings are classified but not on a phase-specific basis by means of GT for transformer equipment and numbered starting on the high-voltage side.

Format of Breakdown Levels The additional code is not an alternative code for the components identified under breakdown level 3. System One should remember, that the code of a system must consist of five symbols: Most 10 Related.



The allowable notations are fixed. G — Water supply and disposal C — Instrumentation and control systems It should be decided on a case- to-case basis which numbering convention is best suited to the extend and structure of the systems and plants to be identified. There are also cases of deviations consisting in using the dividing symbol k,s, and AN, e. Filters in ventilation and air conditioning systems. Special structures, ducting structures are designated in main group F1 with coding letter U and in subgroup F3 with following coding letters: Subdivide for this aim the panel elevation into planes: EA — Conditioning of signals related to functional control group.


KKS Classification System



Identification System for Power Stations (KKS)




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