These forces are the perpetrators of all kinds of evil: Addiction, abuse, poverty and spiritual bondage run rampant through families, churches, cities and nations. What can believers do to battle these forces? They can pray. Not just any prayer: the prayer of petition, known throughout Christian history as the prayer that gets results. Readers will learn the biblical definitions of petition and supplication, and examine the key components of preparation, thanksgiving and humility. As readers learn to petition the Ruler of All, their confidence that God will prevail—no matter what—will grow, and as they learn to rest in His promises, peace will reign over their hearts through the coming revival.

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Dec 15, Richard Atwood rated it liked it Excruciatingly disappointing. I like Savelle, have heard him preach many times. But none of this books have come true for me. Apr 19, Angie Dent rated it it was amazing This is an amazing book! From start to finish, Prayer of Petition underscores the importance of making God our source of help, especially during extreme situations. This book is better suited for times when Christians have tried everything and no person or thing can help except God.

Its designed for when you want and need a break through in health conditions, finances, relationships, family situations, or any situation you deem important. This book teaches how during severe times our prayer This is an amazing book! This book teaches how during severe times our prayer lives and faith should adjust to match the urgency of the need. It shows how to believe and pray our way out of seemingly impossible situations. I applied these principles and received answered prayers, a great testimony and victory!

I even ended up writing about my testimony! This type of prayer and believing works! Pastor Jerry takes you to a deeper trust in God and demonstrates faith in a different, stronger way and shows how to humble yourself before God. I thank God for leading Pastor Jerry to write this book and sharing his teachings and experiences. This book guided me to greater respect for God and stronger faith! I also discovered how much respect Pastor Jerry has for God and his humbleness and love for God!

I greatly benefited from reading and highly recommend Prayer of Petition! It seems that way to me because in each type of prayer petition he would encourage to use Scripture as evidence as to why God will answer your prayer.


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