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The high speed RISC processor can implement software based audio. ANN : Monitor. The picture position can be controlled by DC voltage, and the adoption of fin-attached SIL 7-pin package contributes to the rationalization of monitor set. BABL :.

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Since this is a simple design, the board you have designed should work, but I would like to point out things that would save you from having troubles in more complicated designs. This capacitor is needed to filter out the noise coming from and going back to power supply rail.

Also it acts as additional power supply when short pulses of current are needed for the IC. Keep signal tracks as short as possible. Long tracks can pickup noise a lot easier. This might lead to noisy analog signal and even parasitic oscillations.

For this reason I would suggest placing components in different way. As in the pictures you have attached, all capacitors should be close to the pins of IC.

Make sure your analog and digital grounds are connected only at one point. Also, make sure that all your digital and analog signal grounds have different paths until they meet the IC. Otherwise you will have a digital noise in your analog circuitry, it can even cause parasitic oscillations. Some additional guidelines for a good PCB design: Vias must be apart from component pads. There must be at least some solder mask between them.

Otherwise when soldering in the oven, the solder will be sucked by via. Try to keep track widths and corners consistent - this makes the board look better; Avoid 90 degrees corners on the PCB tracks. This might lead to arcing in high voltage circuits, increase EMI radiation in high speed and power circuits. They might lead to EMI problems. Also it will affect the impedance of transmission lines. Hope this helps.


PT2314 Sound Quality Adjustment Module Voice Module IIC 6V-10V Audio Processing Module For Arduino






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