Shakabar People with disabilities must now be able to escape to a place sabs safety from any where in the building. Recommended Glazing Thicknesses Internationally, annealed glass sabs controlled by Building Regulations as to the thickness of glass relevant to sabs size of a pane. Car parking and lift access remain the same and desperately need to be addressed; the situation still means that provision of car parking spaces for people with disabilities only needs to be made in car parks that have more than 50 car parking spaces. Also, a building with more than a single storey does not have to provide lift access. Effectively; if you have to be able to sabs out of a building you must be able to enter it.

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Payment of certain moneys to local authorities Powers of Minister in respect of certain local authorities Delegations of powers Repeal of laws Repeal of section 14bis of Act 33 of , as inserted by section 4 of Act 72 of Short title and commencement 1. Application of Act 1 Subject to the provisions of any notice published in terms of subsection 2 , the provisions of this Act shall apply in the area of jurisdiction of any local authority.

Duties of draftsmen of plans, specifications, documents and diagrams Any person who prepared any plan, specification, document or diagram submitted in terms of this Act shall affix his name and address and, in the case of an architect, land surveyor or registered person, also his profession and registration number, if any, to such plan, specification, document or diagram. Approval by local authorities of applications in respect of erection of buildings 1 No person shall without the prior approval in writing of the local authority in question, erect any building in respect of which plans and specifications are to be drawn and submitted in terms of this Act.

Appointment of building control officer by local authority 1 Subject to the provisions of subsection 3 a local authority shall appoint a person as building control officer in order to exercise and perform the powers, duties or activities granted or assigned to a building control officer by or under this Act.

Power of court in respect of approval by local authorities 1 If a local authority fails to grant or refuse timeously its approval in accordance with section 7 in respect of an application, a court may on the application of the applicant concerned make an order directing such local authority to perform its duties and exercise its powers in accordance with that section within the period stated in such order, or make such other order as it may deem just.

Erection of buildings subject to time limit 1 If for a period exceeding 3 months the erection of a building is not proceeded with, the local authority in question may by notice in writing, served by post or delivered, order the owner of such building to resume and to complete the erection of such building within the periods specified in such notice.

Provided that if such local authority is of the opinion that the condition of any building, land or earthwork is such that steps should forthwith be taken to protect life or property, it may take such steps without serving or delivering such notice on or to the owner of such building, land or earthwork and may recover the costs of such steps from such owner.

Entry by building control officers and certain other persons of certain buildings and land 1 Any building control officer or any other person authorized thereto by the local authority may enter any building or land at any reasonable time with a view to inspection in connection with the consideration of any application submitted in terms of section 4, or to determine whether the owner of the building or land complies with any provision of this Act or any condition imposed by the local authority in terms of this Act.


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Useful Building Documents all in One Place If you know where to look, you can find an enormous amount of useful information, including legislation and official documents that will assist you with your building projects. If you simply want to read through standards, you can do so at your leisure in a library at one of the SABS offices. Their head office is in Groenkloof, Pretoria, and they have regional offices in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, Durban and Olifantsfontein, all of which are open between 8 am and 4 pm. The Act that governs the National Building Regulations has been amended several times, most recently in when some major changes were made. In each of the parts featured on this website, we have included a short commentary on how these have changed since ; some parts have changed little, others have been radically altered. Note that when you purchase the individual parts of the building regulations from the SABS, they will incorporate the updated legislation in full.


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