Favorite Cheer! Stu Mittleman on Healthier Living Stu Mittleman, author of Slow Burn: Burn Fat Faster by Exercising Slower, is a fitness educator and record-setting endurance athlete with degrees in sports psychology and exercise physiology. He has set eight national and international records in long-distance running, including the 1,mile world record in In this interview, Mittleman explains how running can be an invigorating way to improve your health. What made you take up ultra-distance running?

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To model someone getting astounding results in the area of physical performance, Tony turned to a man whose accomplishments are truly amazing. A man who ran miles in less than 12 days and holds the American record for distance in six days — miles. That man is Stu Mittleman. The reason? Elite athletes are generally built for short, fast movements and spend much of their lives training in an acid-producing, stressful, anaerobic state.

Of the roughly , calories worth of energy in our bodies, only are stored as sugar, and the nervous system requires much of this sugar energy.

By training our bodies to burn fat rather than sugar for fuel, we can tap into this nearly endless supply of energy and achieve unbelievable levels of endurance. Our modern, mostly-sedentary lifestyle is so different from the way humans have lived for nearly our entire existence.

To compensate, people try to work out at high intensities for short periods of time. The body turns to sugar to fuel such intense states of exercise. Exercising in an anaerobic state and consuming sugar create acid in our bodies. The acid is quarantined in fat, making it difficult to burn fat for fuel and creating a vicious cycle. To break out of this cycle, we need to eat alkalizing foods and train primarily at low intensities.

Of the remaining half of the time, two-thirds should be spend at threshold level where aerobic becomes anaerobic and only the remaining one-third should be spent at an anaerobic level. This distribution can be visualized as a pyramid. We are designed to be the most able roamers of the earth. Most of these concepts have been invented by people trying to sell us stuff to prevent them.

It knows only frequency, duration, and intensity. He used to be a vegetarian but believes fish is very healthy. Certainly not commercial sports drinks, and not even something like a banana!

I mean, endurance runners practically survive on gels, gummies, and sports drinks! I really doubt my summary has done justice to the inspiration I gleaned from listening to Stu speak. Stuck at Home? But what if you gave your body just 15 minutes per day — no weights or equipment needed — for as long as this situation lasts?

Could you turn this into an opportunity to start a fitness habit maybe for the first time ever , and come out of it in better shape than before? A short workout each day, free access to our incredible vault of plant-based diet and fitness resources, and some accountability and new friends built right in.

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Stu Mittleman: Burning fat (not sugar) for 1000 miles


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