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You can also analyze SMPS, RF, communication and… optoelectronic circuits; generate and debug MCU code using the integrated flowchart tool; and test microcontroller applications in a mixed circuit environment. You can analyze your circuit through more than 20 different analysis modes or with 10 high tech virtual instruments. Electrical engineers will find TINA an easy to use, high performance tool, while educators will welcome its unique features for the training environment.

You can… use TINACloud in the office, classroom, at home and while travelling, anywhere in the world that has internet access. As the developer of TINA, one of the fastest simulators on the market, we have a deep understanding of the simulation algorithms allowing us to advance accurate and time efficient device models.

If you need model development services, please contact us. It includudes both Berkely Spice and XSpice based Spice engines, supports most Spice dialects with parallelised processing and precompiled models. Now you can add IBIS modells to analyse signal integrity. With the built in HDL debugger you can execute the HDL code step-by-step, add breakpoints, watchpoints, display variable information and more. The built in MCU assembler allows you to modify your assembler code and see the… result promptly.

Optimization is useful not only in the design of electroniccircuits, but also in teaching, to… construct examples and problems. It is a very good tool to refine the results provided by a design procedure or tune already working circuits. You can also import 3D Enclosure models in industry standard formats, visualize along with your PCB design and print in 3D.

You can use these virtual instruments to make simulated measurements on your circuit in TINA or, if supplementary hardware is connected to your computer, turn your laptop or desktop computer into a powerful real-time test and measurement instrument and make measurements on real circuits.

Whichever instrument you need multimeter,… oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, logic analyzer, arbitrary waveform generator, or digital signal generator it is at your fingertips with a click of the mouse. In addition TINALab II can be used with TINA for comparison of simulation and measurement results as a unique tool for circuit development, troubleshooting, and the study of analog and digital electronics.

With optional hardware TINA can be used to test real circuits for comparison with the results obtained from simulation. You can use this capability of TINA to prepare and document lab experiments. You can also use the integrated Flowchart Editor and Debugger to generate and debug the MCU code, learning and teaching microcontroller programming. It converges quickly and has an intuitive graphical interface.

New engineers have a very short learning curve when using this powerful tool. Over the last several years, my use of spice has been infrequent. Tina, however is so intuitive that it takes virtually no time to get going again. In my experience it is, by far, the most intuitive and easy to use simulation tool on the market. It is ideal for the novice or occasional user AND it has all the capability a power user would need.

Import PSpice models seamlessly! Over the last decade or so TINA has been my preferred circuit capture and analysis tool for electrical teaching, project work and some professional applications. TINA is intuitive to use, supportive in the process of correcting errors, and produces results very quickly. TINA has powerful analysis tools which assist in the understanding of circuit operation. It also has a very direct route to circuit realization.

Our students adopt TINA as a versatile tool in their first year of electronic design and apply it throughout their degree course. It represents very good value. I am confident that for teaching electrical engineering and electronics TINA is the best software available.

TINA has a very friendly graphical user interface, with simple settings and setup of simulations. All information about the circuit is enclosed in a single file, simulations are performed very quickly and accurately, with results displayed, so the process is easily mastered by students.

It is easy to use, works on all platforms and provides our students with easy access anytime and anywhere. Using TINACloud students are able to compare circuit simulation results with practical measurements conducted in laboratory. This makes long distance teaching and learning much more effective for our university.


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