Liquidambar cerasifolia Wall. Voigt Liquidambar rasamala Bl. The understanding of these properties will help us to better utilize this herb. These also indicate the conditions in which we should avoid it. Below is given medicinal properties along with the meaning. Anticatarrhal: Reduces catarrh.

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T[oo] h[aj]p l[as] h[if]nh tim [4]. Geographical Distributions Genus Altingia consists of 8 species and distributed from southern Tibet, Assam India and mainland Southeast Asia including southern China towards Malaysia area.

Only a single species is represented in Malesia: Altingia excelsa. This species is distributed from the Himalayas through the moister parts of Burma towards Peninsular Malaysia where it is extremely rare , Sumatra and West Java. It is planted for reforestation mainly West and Central Java.

It is often occurs gregariously and forms the backbone of the forest at altitudes between and m where precipitation is at least mm during the driest month. Its principal associates are Podocarpus and Quercus species and further a number of elements of this type of montane forest such as Schima, Castanopsis, Eugenia, Sloanea, Dysoxylum, Engelhardtia, Magnolia, Michelia and Elaeocarpus species. It is a monoecious, evergreen, large and lofty tree that can reach up to 50 m tall.

The bark surface is almost smooth, narrow, longitudinal fissures and finally irregularly flaky with long, thin, light grey to yellowish or brownish-grey flakes.

The crown is irregularly globular, conical juvenile specimens and acute. The branches are generally steeply ascending.

The margin is a glandular crenate-serrate. The upper surface is smooth while the lower surface is hairless to soft hairy. The petiole is usually with sessile or short stalked glandular appendages at the apex. The stipules are very small and caducous.

The male heads are with per inflorescence, with racemes measure cm long, consisting of short stamens masses, perianth, with a disk and absent ovary while the anthers are 4 pollen sacs and dehisce with longitudinal slits.

The female head is solitary, spherical to nearly spherical, measuring mm x mm and minutely pubescent with flowers, rudimentary or absent stamens. There are 2 styles, divergent and often strongly recurved with decurrent and stigmas which are covered with nipple-like protuberances. The fruit is 4-valved, surrounded by a ring of growing and hardened disk lobes which are light brown puberulous at the apex.

The sterile seeds are up to 35 in each cell. The seedling is epigeal germination. The cotyledons are foliaceous on a hairy petiole.



Program pengelolaan hutan bersama masyarakat diharapkan dapat mengurangi terjadinya penurunan fungsi hutan, dengan demikian kerusakan hutan yang mengakibatkan terjadinya bencana alam seperti erosi dan longsor dapat dihindari. Erosi merupakan indikator dari konservasi tanah. Konservasi tanah berhubungan dengan konservasi air. Beberapa faktor yang mempengaruhi terjadinya erosi yaitu curah hujan, jenis tanah dan tumbuhan penutup tanah, serta kemiringan lereng.


Altingia excelsa

Kagajas In addition, wood used in heavy construction vehicles and the system, and boats and ships, and the Word, and Raft, finir, and plywood. Panicle female flowers consist of fromsimilar to the assembly of the head. If late, you may be the result of empty because seeds have dispersed. Commercial timbers He called on young trees of the meeting and in the form of a pyramid, and then gradually became round after dark. They are evergreen trees growing to 10—50 m tall.

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