Autoweek may earn money from the links on this page. The outside has grown in appearance with a more regal exterior. Under the skin is where the money is well spent. Other editors have claimed the Acura manual transmission is one of the best transmissions on the market—if not the best—and I cannot disagree. The clutch is buttery smooth and the shifts are easy. Drop down a couple gears, and let the 3.

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Mezikasa Change the oil, do routine maintenance. Used Car Value excellent condition. The suspension is far from soft, with a somewhat lumpy, busy ride. The Acura TL sits right in the middle of the Acura family, both in terms of market positioning and sales. I liked the car well enough that I bought it instead of the i I was looking at also. The seats acra felt a bit large for a guy like me of average build. Contact your local Acura Dealer for assistance.

And then msnual run up against the not-so-good changes. The seats are comfortable and supportive. Although no longer the shocking scandal in this segment, the TL is closer to the two-ton mark than not, at pounds. However, from an economical standpoint, I just traded a 9 highlander against an mwnual highlander for a difference of dollars.

Who knows, but probably not many. At 72 mph on a level road, the indicated fuel consumption was In my opinion, this is only possible because the acyra buyer knows the vehicle will last formiles. I also have another car with a stick, so I have that when I want the joy of a real stick. Receive updates on the best of TheTruthAboutCars. SH-AWD models get a nanual steering wheel and seats. Come on now, do you really even own a car?

After miles on the original Goodyear Eagle RS-A tires, my TL got a set of Continental ContiExtreme DW tires, which dramatically improved roadholding, comfort, and handling; they are grippier, quieter, and smoother-riding. The view rearward is compromised by the high tail and sweeping roofline, but this is typical of current sedans. Motortrend — Zach Gale writer September 7, The 5 is really a more apt comparison, size wise.

But then the Accord tp super-sized, and took its Acura platform mate with it. In the competitive landscape, the manual-trans SH-AWD TL is almost in a class of one with its combination of a V-6, all-wheel drive, and a manual transmission. Some brave souls even check oil, air filters and other simple items.

We may knock IDrive, but at least we know what they fl trying to avoid. They should have left well enough alone there. The manual helps make the most of the hp mojo, however, and it sure loves to rev. Oh, and for the record I still piss standing up, even after 2 yrs of DSG driving.

What about the Lexus GS? Give it some worthy sheet metal and watch the sales roll in. My criticisms notwithstanding, the Acura TL is a good car, even a very good car. The car has been trouble-free. But part of the reason for having engine covers was to dampen engine noise, like the old fiberglass mats stuffed under the hoods of older cars.

I used one for several weeks as a loaner. I found the center stack to be way too busy, with an abundance of buttons. Honda will notify owners, and dealers will replace the inflator, free manuap charge. I avoided buying a TL until the 12 arrived. While I hate that the majority of the public is losing or never had the ability to shift a stick, I feel it is more indicative of the lapse of attention paid to the act of driving, not simply a wave of laziness targeted at pissing off enthusiasts.

Either a or refreshed mahual 6MT. Of course, that rumor could turn out to be false, which I hope is the case. A touring tire, these readily and loudly give way when subjected to more than half of the capability of the drivetrain.

The results in feel tll different, but not with one necessarily better than the other. TOP 10 Related.



Acura TL Owners Manual. It was first introduced in , replacing the sale of the Acura Vigor. For the domestic market of Japan, the car was manufactured from to under the name Honda Inspire, and also under the name Honda Saber from to Four generations of the Acura TL with gasoline engines have been released to date: I-generation — 2.


2012 Acura TL - Owner's Manual (650 pages)



2012 Acura TL SH-AWD Tech review notes: A manual will almost always win our hearts





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