Highlights Amar Chitra Katha is helping kids deal with social distancing The entire catalogue is available The free 1-month subscription is valid until March 31 ACK Media, a leading educational and entertainment conglomerate and the publisher of the famous Amar Chitra Katha ACK and Tinkle comics is offering a free of cost one month subscription to everyone. This move comes as the government has ordered the closure of colleges, schools, and gyms in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. The subscription will provide free access to the entire catalogue of Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle titles to children who are forced to stay indoors due to the coronavirus shutdown via the ACK and Tinkle apps. The promotion is available until March The free subscription will give kids and even adults a free access to their favourite titles as they are forced to stay home due to the closure of all schools and organisations due to the COVID outbreak. ACK Media is also offering a free subscription to the Tinkle comics for kids to spend time at home during the coronavirus -led social distancing.

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My son has become one of the smartest in his class. Thank you Tinkle! They really look great! Shopping here is so easy and hassle free. Our online bookstore has a collection of moral stories that teach valuable lessons to children. Our online library has bedtime story books too.

These bedtime stories will not only help your child get a peaceful sleep but will also help them to learn new vocabulary from picture books. Comic stories are important for kids as it is the first step towards self-reading.

Buy online books from our online book store and get the best deals and discounts. Check out our wide range of comic books for kids spanning across various genres including Indian Epics and Mythology, Fables and Humor, Bravehearts, Visionaries, Indian Classics and Contemporary Classics. Tinkle Kids love reading comics! But who says comic books are only for kids? Buy online books from our store. Select from Tinkle edition, special collection, character collection, digests, or subscribe to Tinkle magazines.

The comic stories for kids covered in our magazine include topics like the latest happenings, modern mythology, DIY, short stories, features, puzzles, and more. Our comic books for kids are a one-stop entertainment, which contains everything from comics to stories, quizzes to puzzles, and contests to features. Our comic stories for kids make learning fun for them.

National Geographic National Geographic Traveller India is a print and online publication that focuses on real travel for real people. It brings you travel stories from India and across the world. National Geographic Magazine aims to get you closer through stories of science, exploration and travel.

It is committed to exploring and protecting our planet. Subscribe to both our magazines National Geographic Traveler India and National Geographic Magazine to get your monthly dose of inspiration and information through our incredible photography, insightful articles and reader-friendly service. Merchandise Jump onto the cool bandwagon of our merchandise.

Show off your love for travel through our Tinkle merch, for your favourite Tinkle toon Suppandi and Shikari Shambu through our Tinkle merch or for heritage and culture through our ACK merch. We have t-shirts, sippers, bobbleheads, bottles, coster set, bags, and more available on our online store.

Grab the items at best deals and gift them to yourself or your loved ones.


Amar Chitra Katha – Online Bookstore



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Coronavirus: Amar Chitra Katha, Tinkle Comics Made Available Free to Help With Social Distancing


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