As to the Free Running version, thread by thread it is a completely free running coarse thread. To screw in the thread insert, all you need is the Smart installation mandrel of similar size as a tap. Very special is the blade position control. Simply place it and screw it in like a screw using an installation mandrel with similar dimensions to those of a tap. Existing tools from the previous model can still be used. The innovative coil of the insert allows installation from both ends with identical quality.

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Even today, the screw is the most widely used fastening element for detachable joints. Optimised tightening methods and high-strength screws allow constant improvement. Considerably higher forces can be transmitted so that the dimension or total number of required screws can be reduced. However, only highly sustainable nut threads permit high-strength screw joints.

Your advantages — an overview: n Increased quality and value n Wear-resistant n Strong n Corrosion and Threads are reinforced whenever low-strength materials e. The nut thread is wear-resistant even in cases of frequent use. The result is an internal thread true to gauge that can be used from both ends.

One or several polygonal-shaped threads clamp the flanks Therefore, tang break and removal are not required. Simply order the separate catalogue No In addition, there is a screw-locking area. The screw is locked by one or several polygonal-shaped threads clamping the flanks of the screwed The high surface quality of the rolled thread ensures a high-strength, wear-resistant thread with an extremely small and constant thread friction torque.

Therefore, a higher, constant preload-force is achieved for repeated cycles at the same tightening torque. The utilisation of the yield point of high-strength screws is improved. Torsion stress is considerably reduced. Compared to tapped threads, the In combination with the high spring force of the material, this difference in dimension results in radial expansion and therefore in the tight and clearance-free fit in the nut thread.

Additional locking elements or adhesive — as are common for fixed bushes — are therefore obsolete. If you use impact wrenches, please contact us. We will be happy to help you. There is a solution to almost every task related to this thread technology.


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