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Article Use of terms Article Scope of this Part Article Common heritage of mankind Article Legal status of the Area and its resources Article General conduct of States in relation to the Area Article Responsibility to ensure compliance and liability for damage Article Benefit of mankind Article Use of the Area exclusively for peaceful purposes Article Rights and legitimate interests of coastal States Article Marine scientific research Article Transfer of technology Article Protection of the marine environment Article Protection of human life Article Accommodation of activities in the Area and in the marine environment Article Participation of developing States in activities in the Area Article Policies relating to activities in the Area Article Production policies Article Exercise of powers and functions by the Authority Article System of exploration and exploitation Article Periodic review Article Establishment of the Authority Article Nature and fundamental principles of the Authority Article Organs of the Authority Subsection B.

The Assembly Article Composition, procedure and voting Article Powers and functions Subsection C. The Council Article Powers and functions Article Organs of the Council Article The Economic Planning Commission Article The Secretariat Article The staff of the Authority Article International Character of the Secretariat Article Consultation and co-operation with international and non-governmental organizations Subsection E.

The Enterprise Subsection F. Financial Arrangements of the Authority Article Funds of the Authority Article Annual budget of the Authority Article Expenses of the Authority Article Borrowing power of the Authority Article Annual audit Subsection G.

Legal Status, Privileges and Immunities Article Legal status Article Privileges and immunities Article Immunity from legal process Article Immunity from search and any form of seizure Article Exemption from restrictions, regulations, controls and moratoria Article Archives and official communications of the Authority Article Privileges and Immunities of certain persons connected with the Authority Article Exemption from taxes and customs duties Subsection H.

Suspension of the exercise of rights and privileges of Members Article Suspension of the exercise of voting rights Article Submission of disputes to a special chamber of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea or an ad hoc chamber of the Sea-Bed Disputes Chamber or to binding commercial arbitration Article Limitation on jurisdiction with regard to decisions of the Authority Article Participation and appearance of sponsoring States Parties in proceedings Article Advisory opinions.


Montego Bay: 248 properties found

Samurr The coastal State may, without discrimination in form or in fact among foreign ships, suspend temporarily in specified areas of its territorial sea the innocent passage of foreign ships if such suspension is essential for the protection of its security, including weapons exercises. United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea In the early 20th century, some nations expressed their desire to extend national claims: Except as provided in Part IV, waters on the landward side of the baseline of the territorial sea form part of the internal waters of the State. Suspension of the exercise of voting rights Article The baselines drawn in accordance with this article shall be shown on charts of a scale or scales adequate for ascertaining their position. The rights of the coastal State over the continental shelf do not depend on occupation, effective or notional, or on any express proclamation. For the purpose of measurement, the area of an indentation is that lying between the low-water mark around the shore of the indentation and a line joining the low-water mark of its natural entrance points. This paragraph does not apply to submarine elevations that are natural components of the continental margin, such as its plateaux, rises, caps, banks and spurs. Article Grant of greater transit facilities This Convention does not entail in any way the withdrawal of transit facilities which are greater than those provided for in this Convention and which are agreed between States Parties to this Convention or granted by a State Party.


Convenzione delle Nazioni Unite sul diritto del mare


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